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Portrayed by Katherine Boecher
First appearance Turn and Face the Strange
In-story stats
Known ability None
Home Washington, DC
Residences Red-brick home in Washington, DC
Occupation Formerly escort
Significant other Formerly Jakob Pradasa

Alena is the love of Jakob Pradasa's life.

Character History

Turn and Face the Strange

Matt Parkman uses his telepathy to make Danko believe that his greatest love is in danger. Matt follows Danko to Alena, who is surprised when "Jakob" visits her. The two spend some time together before Jakob has to leave. He tells Alena that he must go back to Chicago, which saddens her. After he leaves, Alena goes back inside and Matt follows her, aiming his gun so that he can shoot her. Matt drops his gun at the last second and Alena turns and sees him. She is startled to see him but Matt telepathically convinces her that he is a friend of Jakob's.

Alena explains her relationship to with Danko to Matt. She tells him that "Jakob Pradasa" is married with children but that he is going to divorce his wife once his children are all grown up so that they can live together. She insists that Jakob loves her and Matt tells her that he probably does. He stands and says that he is going to show her the truth. Matt takes her to Danko's apartment, where a shocked Danko lets them in. Matt holds them both at gunpoint and forces Danko to reveal how he killed Daphne and what he really does for a living. Alena becomes angry that Danko has lied to her and Matt once again aims his gun at her. He apologizes to Alena, saying that Danko needs to feel the same pain that he does. When he cannot go through with it, Danko picks up his own gun and aims it at Matt. Alena begs Danko not to shoot him but he does so anyway and after Matt disappears, Alena calls Danko a monster and runs away. Later, while Danko is calling to try and apologize, Alena gets into a cab and leaves.

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