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Portrayed by Greta Onieogou
First appearance Dark Matters, Part 2
In-story stats
Known ability None
Residence Dormitory at South Western College
Occupation Student at South Western College

Aly is Phoebe's friend and roommate at South Western College.

Character History

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 2

When Quentin helps Phoebe unpack her things in her new dorm room, he notes that Aly is way ahead of them. When Aly arrives, she embraces Phoebe, saying how good it is to finally meet her in person after talking to her solely on Facebook for so long. Phoebe introduces Aly to Quentin, who makes sure that Aly is "cool" with Phoebe's ability before leaving. After Quentin leaves, Aly remarks that he is "kind of adorable". Later, she dares Phoebe to play a prank on a professor by extinguishing the lights, and records the incident. Later, Aly calms Phoebe down when she has a nightmare, reassuring her that her nightmare was not real.

At some point, Aly tells Quentin about Phoebe's continued nightmares, causing him some concern.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 3

Aly and Phoebe organize a pro-evo protest outside South Western College, since the college is trying to deny evos scholarship. When a counter-protest arrives and things turn nasty, Aly worriedly records the altercations on her phone.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 4

When Quentin realizes that Phoebe hasn't called or texted him in days, he goes to get answers from Aly. Aly tells him that the last time she saw Phoebe was before she left for an interview at Renautas. Aly gives Quentin M. F. Harris's business card, and to listens to a new voicemail that Phoebe leaves him on his phone. Aly looks up the number of the phone the call was placed from on her laptop, and discovers that the call was placed from a Tru Value Gas Station in Midland, Texas. Quentin declares that he's going there, and Aly tells him that she's going with him.

Aly and Quentin arrive at the gas station on June 13th, where they see a news report containing footage of Phoebe with Harris at the Odessa Unity Summit. Aly and Quentin instantly get back into Quentin's car and drive towards the summit, but get stuck in a traffic jam. The sky goes dark and Aly looks up to witness the eclipse overshadowing the summit. Quentin assumes that the eclipse is caused by Phoebe and gets out to find her, so Aly goes after him. Suddenly, there is a massive explosion at the summit ahead, causing Aly and Quentin to frantically climb back into the car and drive away. They soon arrive at a hospital receiving the injured from the summit, where Aly watches a report on the disaster that labels Phoebe and Mohinder Suresh as two of the disaster's perpetrators.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

Aly places boxes full of Phoebe's things inside Quentin's apartment, and opens the curtains so light shines over him and his computer. Aly tells Quentin that he needs to stop scouring Hero Truther's videos for clues on Phoebe's disappearance, and that it might be time for him to let Phoebe go. Quentin tells Aly that letting go must be easy for her, so Aly tells him to screw himself and leaves.

Some time later, Quentin invites Aly over to catch up and tell her about his new job. Aly is initially impressed that Quentin has cleaned himself up, but her hopes are shattered once he tells her that his new job is at Renautas. Aly is frustrated that Quentin still hasn't put the past behind him and leaves, telling him to never call her again.

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