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Linderman's archives

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Linderman's archives
Archives hiro walks up.jpg
Hiro approaches Linderman's curator.
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Purpose: Private collection

Hiro steals Takezo Kensei's sword from Linderman's archives.

Notable Employees

Notable Visitors



Hiro enters the archives and sees many of Isaac's paintings. He gives Linderman's curator the dinosaur painting. When the curator enters a back room, Hiro uses the computer to find the sword. As Hiro joyously retrieves the sword, the curator alerts security. Ando, wearing a security guard uniform, enters the room, followed by additional security guards. Hiro uses his powers to teleport Ando and himself out of the archives.


In the archives, Nathan and Mr. Linderman discuss art. Linderman claims he's a humanitarian and wants to heal the world; when Nathan balks at the statement, Linderman demonstrates his power by healing a dying flower. He explains to Nathan his plan for the future by showing A President Stands Alone-- after the explosion, Nathan will become the leader the nation looks towards, leading him to the Presidency.

Later, Jessica comes to see Linderman at his request. He asks Jessica to use Micah for his ability, but Jessica refuses, saying he is off-limits. Linderman expresses his distaste for her attitude, and asks an assistant to "take an insurance policy on Ms. Sanders".

The Hard Part

D.L. and Jessica phase into the archives in the hopes of finding Linderman. D.L. notices a painting of Micah on the wall, then notices a group of photos and paintings of his family. After realizing their whole lives have been monitored, Jessica and D.L. search the archives to find more information. D.L. notices a calendar with "Petrelli" written on November 7th (Election Day), and the two head toward New York.

Heroes Evolutions

According to, Linderman maintains two separate archives. The paintings shown to Nathan during Season One episodes were in Linderman's personal collection. However, most of Linderman's archives are shown to be maintained by his corporation, the Linderman Group.

Many of the items in Linderman's gallery can be found at, including the archive's paintings and things Micah found while snooping.



  • The archives catalog the sword as CRM-114.
  • The Resurrection panel from the Isenheim Altarpiece by Matthias Grünewald can be seen hanging on a wall of the archives. In reality, the panel hangs in Colmar, France at the Musée d'Unterlinden.
  • The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp is also hanging on the wall. This real-life painting hangs in the Mauritshuis Museum in The Hague, the Netherlands.


Isaac's Paintings

Many of Isaac's paintings are prominently displayed in the archives, including:

Heroes Evolutions

Some of Isaac's paintings have been shown in the online archive which have not yet appeared in the archives during an episode.

The Sanderses

Niki and D.L. break in to Linderman's archives and discover many documents, files, and pictures from their family's lives. The collection includes:

Micah's Snooping

After the destruction of the Corinthian Casino, Micah would frequently hack into and snoop around for information, just as he promised Hana. He found many interesting items.

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