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Au Co

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Âu Cơ
Au Co.jpg
First appearance War Buddies, Part 4
In-story stats
Known ability Plant growth
Date of death November 20, 1968
Home Au Co, Vietnam
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Âu Cơ was the young girl who was the original target of the mission described in the Lonestar File. She had the ability to influence the growth of vegetation.

Character History

Graphic Novel:War Buddies, Part 4

Au Co, flanked by her female friend and some guards, makes massive vegetables grow from the ground instantly. She watches as farmers cultivate the crops. After Dallas and Austin destroy much of Au Co's village, a woman screams for Au Co. Dallas realizes the Skyhawk crew's mission was to destroy the girl, not the village.

Graphic Novel:War Buddies, Part 5

Despite Austin's efforts to stop him, Dallas shoots Au Co. Austin attempts to reach her and heal her, but Dallas restrains him until she dies.

Graphic Novel:War Buddies, Part 7

After returning home from the Vietnam War, Linderman briefly remembers an experience from his and his fellow comrades' mission. The experience is of himself seeing Au Co's dead body on the ground with her friend embracing her in grief.

Evolved Human Abilities

Au Co had the ability to accelerate the growth of plants, quickly raising them to fully-grown, fruit-bearing plants.


  • According to artist Jason Badower's blog, Au Co is supposed to be about 10 years old, which means she would have been born circa 1958.


  • In Vietnamese mythology, Au Co is the name of a fairy who married a dragon and gave birth to the Bach Viet, the first Vietnamese people.
  • Au is the chemical symbol for gold. Hence, Au Co could be read as "Gold Company".
  • Au Co is the chemical formula for hypoeuctectic Gold-Cobalt, a highly ferromagnetic substance used in dental castings.

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