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Linda Tavara

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Linda Tavara
Linda Tavara.jpg
First appearance War Buddies, Part 7
In-story stats
Known ability Aura absorption
Known abilities absorbed:
Age 21 (at death)
Date of birth 1951
Date of death 1972
Occupation former private investigator
Parents Mr. Tavara,
Mrs. Tavara

Linda Tavara was an evolved human from Chandra's list with the power of aura absorption.

Character History


By entering his sister Shanti's name as a password, Mohinder Suresh is able to unlock a list of evolved humans. Linda's name is included on that list.

Graphic Novel:War Buddies, Part 7

At a Denver airport, Linda watches and notes Daniel Linderman in her notebook as he arrives home from Vietnam.

Later, Linda meets him at a gas station and invites him back to her campsite. He tells her stories about his experience in the war and the horrors he faced.

The next morning, they decide to go hiking and come across a wounded deer. After Linderman heals it, she attempts to take his ability from him, but is killed by him instead. Linderman then burns her body.

Graphic Novel:Bounty Hunter

In 1972, Linda is fired from her job working for a private investigator due to the mysterious disappearances of several of her "marks." She is approached by a woman who offers her a job--to track down a list of individuals in a notebook. After she turns in two of her targets, she kills a third, a bartender named Jason Welkes.

Four weeks later, Linda contacts her informant and claims that the bartender could not be found. Thinking Linda incompetent, the informant refuses to give her any more assignments. Linda responds by killing the informant with her ability and stealing the dossier of her next target, Daniel Linderman. Linda flies to Centennial Airport to find him.

Graphic Novel:Moonlight Serenade

One night in 1967, Linda sits in her room writing in her diary and looking at the withered remains of animals that she has killed with her ability. Her parents timidly ask her if she needs anything, to which she replies that she doesn't. Later that night, she dreams of absorbing the auras of both people and her animal prey.

Later, she slips out of her home to wander the streets. She observes the many colored auras of the people she sees. She walks by a retirement home and sees the bright aura of a Ida May Walker there. She infiltrates the home and lures Ida to her room, claiming that Ida has a phone call in her room. Linda tells Ida she is an angel, and absorbs her aura, killing her. As she leaves, she realizes she can now see Ida's angels.

Evolved Human Abilities

Linda possesses the ability to see and absorb people's "auras" through physical contact, an act which leaves the bodies of her victims withered. Her applied hand and forearm glow blue while doing this. She also absorbs the abilities of evolved humans.

Absorbed Abilities

Linda has only been shown using one absorbed ability: mediumship from Ida May Walker. (Moonlight Serenade)



  • Although her origin is unspecified in Heroes, Linda's last name "Tavara" literally means "stuff" in Finnish. "Tavara" is also a city in the Black Sea region of Turkey, a small village in Spain, a river in Peru, and one of the Solomon Islands (northeast of Australia). In Trabzon/Turkish folklore, "Tavara" is a tormenting night-demon, or nightmare.

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