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Bomb squad member

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Bomb squad member
Bomb squad member.jpg
Portrayed by Roger Bridges
First appearance Shades of Gray
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Unknown
Occupation Bomb squad member

A bomb squad member helps Matt Parkman defuse the bomb attached to him.

Character History

Shades of Gray

As Matt Parkman stands on Capitol Hill in Washington, wearing a vest covered with explosives, Nathan tells him to read the mind of a bomb squad member to find out how to defuse the bomb. Matt finds it hard to focus because Danko has drugged him, but when he concentrates, he can hear the man thinking that they are running out of time, and about the red wire. Nathan is about to pull the red wire out, when Matt hears the bomb tech wondering why a suicide bomber would wear a device with a dummy wire, and so tells Nathan to avoid the red wire. Matt then hears him thinking that the black wire is the key. Nathan asks whether that means they should pull out the black wire or leave it untouched, so Matt tries to probe deeper, before eventually ripping the whole device off his vest and disarming the bomb.

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