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Portrayed by Dusty Sorg
First appearance Slow Burn, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability Spider mimicry
Occupation Works at Sullivan Bros. Carnival

Caleb worked for the carnival and was one of Samuel's closest followers. He was killed by Amanda Strazzulla while trying to keep her away from her mother. He was also an evolved human with the ability to mimic parts of a spider.

Character History

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 1

From a distance, Caleb watches Edgar leave Lydia's trailer. Caleb turns to Samuel and expresses that he's glad Samuel is back. He also tells Samuel that Edgar has been spending a lot of time in Lydia's trailer.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 5

Caleb carves a piece of wood as Amanda walks by. The two begin a conversation, and Amanda tells him she wants to stay at the carnival. He tells her that is not up to him, but Samuel, who is like a father to everyone there. He mentions that you have to be worthy to stay at the carnival. Amanda demonstrates how worthy she is, surprising him.

Graphic Novel:Yang & Yang

Caleb helps Amanda gain some control over her ability and then decides that she is ready to meet a few people around the carnival. Amanda asks about Samuel and Caleb tells her that everybody who lives at the carnival has an ability. The two of them bump into Sylar and Caleb introduces Amanda, saying that she is the newest addition to the family. Caleb steadily becomes angrier as Sylar advises Amanda to return home to Lydia. Then, spider legs begin to protrude from his body and Caleb becomes furious. He tries to attack Amanda and Sylar but Sylar fights him off with some electricity. Caleb returns to normal and apologizes for his behavior.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 6

Edgar rushes up to Caleb, putting a knife up to his throat. He tells Amanda to go back to her mother, and as she leaves Edgar tells Caleb to stay away form her. He says he was just going to introduce her to Samuel, but that she will have to do that on her own now.

Graphic Novel:Smoke & Mirrors

Edgar puts a knife up to Caleb's throat.


Caleb attends the carnival's thanksgiving. He watches as Edgar accuses Samuel of killing Joseph, and Samuel's framing of Edgar. He begins to stand up, but is frozen in time with the other carnies. When time is unfrozen, he gazes around, wondering where Edgar went.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 9

Caleb escorts Amanda away from Samuel and Lydia, telling her he is to keep a eye on her. When she asks what Samuel is doing, he tells her that Samuel is punishing Lydia for helping a traitor. She becomes angry, and when he asks what she is going to do, she ignites him on fire. The other carnies come and look at his smoldering body.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 10

Numerous carnies carry Caleb's coffin through the carnival, as Amanda blames herself for Caleb's death. Lydia tells Amanda that it's not her fault, but Amanda insists that she's a murderer.

Graphic Novel:Bloodlines, Part 1

Last winter, Joseph tells Eli that Caleb informed him that Eli stole something from a farm. Later, Caleb sits with the other carnies for Christmas dinner.

Let It Bleed

Caleb's name is on Edgar's list, which says he has the ability of spider mimicry.

Heroes Evolutions

Slow Burn

In chapter 3 of Slow Burn, Caleb catches Chris and Gail Bowman spying on Samuel, Edgar, and Lydia. He forces them to stay where they are until Samuel arrives to deal with them.

In chapter 6 of Slow Burn, Chris sees Caleb with Amanda and worries about her safety.

In chapter 7 of Slow Burn, Caleb sits on a chair outside Samuel's trailer. When Chris comes to investigate Samuel's secrets (at the behest of the Watcher), Caleb repeatedly tells Chris to mind his own business.

In chapter 9 of Slow Burn, Lydia asks Gail if she saw Caleb's body, and Gail says yes, thinking about how horrible it looked.

Evolved Human Abilities

Caleb possessed the ability to mimic the appearance of a giant spider by protruding eight spider legs from his body.


  • According to a post by Foz McDermott, Caleb was originally supposed to manifest his ability in Slow Burn. However, the format of the webisode series allowed very little time for Caleb's power to be demonstrated. The revelation was cut, and relegated instead to the graphic novels. Foz reveled in the chance to create a power "that would have shocked Sylar and the audience, and at the same time make it old school comic-booky". Additionally, he wanted to choose a power that would not be feasible to show on television, and he "had to fight for the spider legs and glowing eyes".

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