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Edgar's knives

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Edgar's knives
Edgar's knife2.jpg
Edgar prepares to kill Noah.

First mentioned: Jump, Push, Fall
Owned by: Edgar,
Peter Petrelli

Edgar uses knives as his weapon of choice.



Edgar arrives at Danko's apartment, armed with his knives, and slays Danko. When Tracy sees him doing this, he attacks her, but her watery ability kicks in and she is unaffected. She then freezes Edgar's arm and one of Edgar's knives shatters. Horrified, Edgar super speeds away.

Jump, Push, Fall

Edgar comes to the New York Federal Bank to retrieve a compass. After slicing the bank manager, Edgar raises his knives and prepares to kill Noah. Peter grabs him and replicates his power, and he steals one of the knives and fights Edgar using super speed. Defeated by Peter, Edgar takes back the knife and leaves the bank.

Graphic Novel:Running in Circles

Edgar attacks Noah with his knives and retrieves the compass. He compares his life to running on a knife's edge, and recalls how he had started throwing knives with Lydia as his target girl.


Edgar sits by himself, sharpening his knives. When Lydia asks what's wrong, Edgar expresses his concern for Samuel's actions of bringing so many outsiders into "the family". Samuel hears them and dismisses Edgar's concerns. After Lydia leaves, Edgar angrily throws one of his knives into the a wall, square in the middle of the carnival's logo.

Tabula Rasa

While Sylar is working at the carnival, Edgar "welcomes" him by showing him some of his tricks: he throws knives right onto Sylar's mop. However, Sylar uses telekinesis to fling the knives away.

Later that night, after Sylar's baptism into the carnival, Edgar angrily throws knives at a target. Samuel asks him to stop pouting. When Edgar sees Lydia take Sylar into her trailer, he becomes angry again and throws another knife at the target.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 6

Edgar super speeds up to Caleb while he is talking with Amanda. He holds a knife to Caleb's throat, then warns Amanda to leave and find her mother.

Graphic Novel:Smoke & Mirrors

Edgar holds his knife to Caleb's throat.


Noah tells Samuel about his "knife-wielding friend" who had sliced his guts open.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 7

Edgar is talking to Lydia about what they should do about Samuel meeting Amanda, and Edgar is juggling his knives and then speeds them close to Lydia's head.

Let It Bleed

Edgar storms into Noah Bennet's apartment, knives in hand. He gets ready to slice Noah up, but Noah turns and tasers him.

Later, in the Kojin Sushi freezer room, Noah interrogates Edgar, with little success. He picks up one of Edgar's knives, admires its weight, balance, and sharpness, and holds it to Edgar's throat, hoping to extract information about the carnival.

Brave New World

Edgar grabs Noah and drags him away with a knife to his throat. Noah assures Edgar he doesn't want to harm the carnival, he just wants to stop Samuel Sullivan. Telling Noah they have the same goal, Edgar lowers his knife. Edgar explains that he wants to stop Samuel but doesn't want to kill him in front of everyone so he came to Noah for an alternate plan.

Heroes Evolutions

Slow Burn

In chapter 1 of Slow Burn, Edgar pins Chris with one of his knives against Chris's throat.

Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World

Edgar kills Jacob Kurtzberg with his knives by slashing his throat.


  • The knives that Edgar uses to attack people are called "kukris". However, people do know it as a Gurkha Blade or Gurkha Knife. Aside from kukris, Edgar also uses small throwing knives for knife-throwing purposes.
  • For other uses of knives, see knives (disambig).


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