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iStory:Faction Zero/chapter summaries

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Faction Zero/chapter summaries
Faction Zero.jpg
Faction Zero is the fifth iStory volume.

First mentioned: August 18, 2009

The following is a list of chapters of the Faction Zero volume of the iStory, with summaries and appearances noted. The summaries below are for each chapter, and explain what must happen so the reader can complete the story successfully.

Chapter 601

Chapter 601: Welcome to Costa Verde (released 8/18/2009)

Claire Bennet deals with a strange day at Sam's Comics. Ex-government agent Rachel Mills has a new mission. A former fugitive complicates everyone's lives with a special request. Book Six begins: "Faction Zero."

[edit] Character Appearances

Chapter 602

Chapter 602: Self-Discoveries (released 8/28/2009)

Rachel tracks down one of Mensen's allies, but runs into unexpected trouble from a surprising source. A visitor arrives at Sam's Comics for Claire, putting her friends in danger. Two familiar faces arrive in Costa Verde with a mission of their own.

[edit] Character Appearances

Chapter 603

Chapter 603: Wild Things (released 9/1/2009)

Rachel investigates a lead into who has been chasing Claire. Meanwhile, Claire and Sandra are attacked with a beast of a problem at home.

[edit] Character Appearances

Chapter 604

Chapter 604: Catching Fire (released 9/8/2009)

Rachel and Claire try to reacquire Eric Thompson, Jr.'s trail with the help of an old ally and some new friends. But both Rachel and Claire are struggling with their own issues too. Can Eric Thompson, Jr., be stopped before the situation comes to a head?

[edit] Character Appearances

Chapter 605

Chapter 605: Yesterday's Angels (released 9/15/2009)

The conclusion of "Faction Zero." Claire, Rachel, Micah, and their allies gather to try and stop Eric Thompson, Jr. before he can kill Sabine Hazel. Claire says her pre-college goodbyes and worries about finding a replacement for her position at Sam's Comics. Rachel becomes increasingly moody.

[edit] Character Appearances

Chapter 606

Chapter 606: Path to Redemption (released 9/22/2009)

What happened to our heroes over the summer? Learn more about Claire, Hiro/Ando, Micah, and others in this special compilation Interactive Story.

[edit] Character Appearances


  • Chapters 601-605 were released in the summer after Season Three, but 606 was released after Season Four began.
  • Although everything from Chapters 601 - 605 are contained in Chapter 606, there are an extra few pages at the end of Chapter 606 in which Rachel watches a number of evolved humans at the carnival, including Sabine Hazel, Chris, Gail and Jennie Bowman.

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  • For a summary of the Faction Zero series of iStories as a whole, see Faction Zero.

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