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Captain Burke

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Captain Burke
Captain Burke.jpg
First appearance Man on Fire
In-story stats
Known ability None
Home Las Vegas, NV
Occupation Firefighter

Captain Burke is D.L.'s boss at Fire Station 5.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Man on Fire

During training, Captain Burke gives D.L. Hawkins a hard time at the station. D.L. tries to appeal to him as a family man, but Burke continues to berate D.L. During a training run, Burke and Hawkins are paired together. Inside the burning home, Burke realizes that the fire is too hot. He calls to Lieutenant Palmer to shut off the valve, but he is unable. Later, Burke watches Hawkins miraculously emerge from the house, and wonders how he was able to save everybody. Burke is impressed, calls D.L. a hero, and welcomes him to the department.


  • Captain Burke wears helmet number 1.

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