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Money launderer

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Money launderer
Money launderer portrait.jpg
First appearance Stolen Time
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Unknown
Date of death October 6th 2006
Home Las Vegas, NV
Occupation Money launderer

The money launderer, based in Las Vegas, NV, laundered the $2 million stolen by D.L.'s crew.

Character History

Better Halves

D.L. Hawkins and Niki Sanders go to meet the money launderer. D.L. explains that he was planning to rob Mr. Linderman, but backed out of the plan. He doesn't know who it was that took the money from his crew, but he plans to meet the money launderer and ask him who it was. D.L. opens the money launderer's locked door. Inside, D.L. and Niki find some slaughtered men (the same men that Hiro and Ando were playing poker with.)

Graphic Novel:Stolen Time

After stealing Linderman's money from his sports book in Primm, Nevada, Jessica goes to the money launderer's office to hide the large sum of cash. When asked how long it would take to get the money back, the launderer says it will take six months. Jessica threatens to tear the man in half, he counterthreatens to hold on to the money for twelve months.


  • Although none of the characters in the episode Better Halves exactly match the depiction of the money launderer in the novel Stolen Time, the closest visual match would be Ernie "the Weasel" with glasses.

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