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First appearance Stolen Time
In-story stats
Known ability None
Date of death April 2006
Home Nevada
Occupation Thief

Warren was a member of D.L.'s crew.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Snapshots

A Las Vegas police detective shows D.L. Warren's mugshot.

Graphic Novel:Stolen Time

In Primm, Warren threateningly enters Linderman's sports book and takes care of crowd control. As the crew piles into their getaway car, Warren announces that he wants to use the money to buy two Hummers, one to nest inside the other. He thinks Jessica's use for the stolen money--to pay for Micah's tuition--is lame. Warren pulls out his knife to threaten Jessica, but she retaliates and stabs him in the chest instead. She then drives Warren, Itchy, and Taylor to the Nevada desert to bury them.

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