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Solitaire chess.jpg
Nathan plays chess with nobody.

First mentioned: The Butterfly Effect

Chess is a game some people enjoy playing.


The Butterfly Effect

Nathan plays a game of chess against Linderman, but later realizes that it's just a telepathic illusion.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Mohinder says that some moments are mysterious, like destiny's invisible hand moving pieces on a chess board.

Heroes Evolutions

Hiro's blog

A blog entry called "To Flower" presents an elaborate puzzle that ends with a code that gives the coordinates to a standard 64-square chessboard. When the moves for the chess game are completed, the pieces on the board spell out D.L.

Saving Charlie

  • Charlie says that she purposely never read any books about chess so that she would avoid gaining an edge in the game, though she still can't help memorizing all the moves her opponents make. Hiro, on the other hand recalls that his father taught him to play chess, and Hiro kept up his interest in the game even after his father stopped inviting him to play. So Hiro freezes time, goes to Charlie's apartment to retrieve a chess board that Erika gave her, and brings it to the Midland park. They play against each other and Charlie barely beats Hiro. Charlie then plays against several chess regulars at the park and hustles them for a total of $140. (Chapter 27)
  • Charlie plays two lighthearted games of chess with Hiro, as they do weekly, and they each win a game. They play a tiebreaker round, but the game is interrupted when Charlie delivers some crushing news. (Chapter 39)

A Long Way from Home

  • Sam Conlon comes to Deborah Ruthers's office for a game of chess. (Chapter 4)
  • Sam Conlon plays chess against Deborah Ruthers, winning 7.3 games out of 10 against Deborah, but could easily win 10 out of 10. As an experienced player and former tournament champion (and potential grandmaster), he can already see countless moves ahead, but he uses his ability to see the move she would actually play. While playing, Sam is careful to not move too quickly to show that he is better than Deborah, and he sometimes makes random moves to mislead Deborah. He throws the game by inconspicuously exposing his king to checkmate. (Chapter 5)
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