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Lydia's tattoos

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Lydia's tattoos
Lydia's tattoos.jpg

First mentioned: Orientation
Owned by: Lydia (deceased)
Current status: Disappeared

Lydia the "tattooed lady" had many tattoos all over her body.


Lydia had many tattoos. She often used her power of empathy to sense things through her tattoos. For instance, with the help of Samuel to move the ink, tattoos of people's faces were created on her back, and Lydia could use her ability to tell the person's name and information about them. After her death, her tattoos all faded away and vanished. Following is a gallery of Lydia's tattoos.


Tattoos That Don't Seem to Change

Tattoos That Change

Original Art

Cesar Lemus designed and drew the original art that would become Lydia's tattoos.

Concept Art

Cesar Lemus designed concept art for Lydia's tattoos.



  • A gallery at describes the process that makeup artists undergo in order to apply Lydia's tattoos. The tattoo is actually a film of material created to fit precisely on a specific part of the body. The tattoo design is printed on special transfer paper. Pressure is applied and the backing of the transfer paper is carefully pulled off. Artists apply a little pressure around the edges of the tattoo to prevent it from peeling. Finally, a coating is sprayed on, which seals the tattoo and gives it a more natural appearance.
  • According to a conversation with Dawn Olivieri, the tattoos take a total of about two hours to apply. Occasionally, the makeup artists will apply the tattoos the day before shooting, and then replace pieces the day of shooting as needed.
  • A tattoo artist was originally hired to create the artwork that would become Lydia's tattoos. He did a wax template of Dawn Olivieri's arm with wax paper. He then traced all of the spaces in which he wanted to put the tattoos, and then created an array of tattoos. The tattoos were digitized in a computer program so they could be printed out. Makeup artists then spray the printouts with adhesives in order to apply the tattoos on Dawn. Next, the makeup artists spray on two layers of Green Marble (a body adhesive), and then cover it with a powder and a specialized lotion.
  • The tattoos that appear and disappear are designed by Cesar Lemus. Each drawing that he does is done on an 8½" × 11" sheet of drawing paper. Cesar originally tried to use charcoal, but was not pleased with the results. Now he uses various pencils. He says that it takes about two passes to get it to a point that is acceptable.
  • According to a Tweet from R.J. McCasland, Lydia's tattoo makeup was applied by Glenn Hetrick, Wendi Allison, Lori Madrigal, and R.J.

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