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Jessica's tattoo

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Jessica's tattoo
Symbol nikis tattoo.jpg
Jessica has a tattoo of the Symbol.

First appearance: Collision

When Jessica is in control of Niki's body, a tattoo of the Symbol is on her right shoulder. Following are some of the more notable appearances of Jessica's tattoo.



Jessica's tattoo can be seen on her back as she seduces Nathan.

Better Halves

While D.L. and Jessica have a little scuffle, D.L. uncovers her tattoo after grabbing her shirt. Later, Isaac Mendez uncovers Jessica's tattoo on a painting of Niki Sanders.


As Jessica is searching for D.L. and Micah, her tattoo is visible.


Jessica uses makeup to paint over the symbol on her shoulder blade. Niki (from the mirror) tells Jessica that she won't be able to fool D.L., but Jessica is confident that he won't notice.


In an interview, Tim Sale talked about the painting of Jessica's tattoo. "Dennis Hammer mostly designed the tattoo, then I kind of refined it. It's been everywhere. They did not tell me what it means and I don't want to know."


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