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Heroes Unmasked

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Heroes Unmasked
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Heroes Unmasked on BBC

Heroes Unmasked is a set of behind-the-scenes videos produced by BBC Two which gives insight into the making of Heroes. The episode which aired after Dual on BBC Two is the last in the series as of Season Three.

Season One

A New Dawn

Aired July 25, 2007

This episode introduces the characters and creators behind Heroes, and presents interviews and behind-the-scenes clips of filming from How to Stop an Exploding Man. It features interviews with most of the cast excluding future characters Sylar and D.L. Hawkins. This episode aired after the first showing of Genesis and Don't Look Back in a double bill.

Growing Pains

Aired August 1, 2007

This episode focuses on Claire Bennet, and features an interview with Hayden Panettiere on the set of the burning train wreck. It also offers behind-the-scenes action of the filming of that scene.

The Dreamer

Aired August 8, 2007

This episode centers around Peter Petrelli, and includes an interview with Milo Ventimiglia, who talks about Peter's dreams, hopes, and ambitions. It also includes a behind-the-scenes look at filming Peter's fall and flying scene with Nathan.

Hiro Worship

Aired August 15, 2007

This episode focuses on Hiro Nakamura, and features behind-the-scenes interviews with Masi Oka, James Kyson Lee, Milo Ventimiglia, and Greg Grunberg. It is also explained how the time-freezing scenes are accomplished, with use of green-screen technology as well as the actors' miming to get the desired effect.

Painting the Future

Aired August 22, 2007

This episode focuses on Isaac Mendez. It features interviews with Santiago Cabrera, Tim Sale, Tawny Cypress, and Tim Kring. It also takes a look at the making of Isaac's paintings and how they are reproduced on the screen.

Double Trouble

Aired August 29, 2007

This episode focuses on Niki/Jessica Sanders. Includes interviews with Ali Larter, Leonard Roberts, and Milo Ventimiglia. This episode also shows how D.L.'s phasing scenes are created and Ali Larter's inspiration for the characters of Niki and Jessica.


Aired September 5, 2007

This episode focuses on Matt Parkman, and contains interviews with Greg Grunberg, Matthew John Armstrong, Jeph Loeb, and Tim Kring.

The H.R.G. Files

Aired September 12, 2007

This episode focuses on Noah Bennet and contains interviews with Jack Coleman, James Kyson Lee, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Tim Kring, and Jeph Loeb.

Dark Angel Gabriel

Aired September 19, 2007

This episode focuses on Sylar and contains interviews with Zachary Quinto, Greg Grunberg, and Tim Kring. The episode takes a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the telekinesis scenes.

Mohinder's Journey

Aired September 26, 2007

This episode focuses on Mohinder Suresh and features interviews with Sendhil Ramamurthy, Jeph Loeb, and Tim Kring.

The Invisible Touch

Aired October 3, 2007

This episode focuses on the procedure of casting people from around the globe, including Masi Oka, George Takei, Greg Grunberg, Sendhil Ramamurthy, and James Kyson Lee. The segment particularly focuses on British actor Christopher Eccleston, who makes his debut on the episode accompanying this. The episode includes interviews with Tim Kring, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Greg Grunberg, Masi Oka, George Takei, James Kyson Lee, and Milo Ventimiglia. This episode was shown after a double bill of the episodes Fallout and Godsend.

Telling Tales

Aired October 10, 2007

Interviews with Tim Kring reveal his influences regarding Heroes. He talks in depth about the writing of the scripts, special effects, casting, and finding appropriate writers to fit with the comic book theme of the show. It features interviews with Gary D'Amico, Jeph Loeb, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Tawny Cypress, Greg Grunberg, Adrian Pasdar, Masi Oka, Santiago Cabrera, Jimmy Jean-Louis, and Jack Coleman.

Head to Head

Aired October 17, 2007

This episode focuses on the making of the many stunts in Heroes, particularly the scene from Run! involving Jessica and Matt, where she throws him out of a tenth story window. It features interviews with Greg Grunberg, Leonard Roberts, and stunt coordinator Ian Quinn.

Sets and the City

Aired October 24, 2007

Heroes Unmasked talks to the set designers, location managers, and production team at Heroes to discuss how they manage to create such an array of settings purely in Los Angeles. The episode goes onto the set to look at the meticulous methods of shooting the scenes to make sure that all the props, characters and even the weather are correct to the place they are meant to be replicating. In particular, it looks at the scene from Fallout in which Peter has a dream of himself exploding. It features interviews with director of photography Nate Goodman, set designer Ruth Ammon, director John Badham, as well as Sendhil Ramamurthy, Masi Oka, and Jeph Loeb. This episode is unusual in that the majority of the interviews take place on set whilst filming as opposed to in studios.

Turning Tides

Aired October 31, 2007

This episode focuses solely on the character of Mr. Bennet and goes into detail about his mysterious past. This follows the episode Company Man which is focused on this character. It features "making of" sections in which Heroes Unmasked looks behind the scenes at the making of Ted's meltdown scene. The documentary shows how special effects were created, including the pyrotechnics and Claire's multiple stunt doubles for her regeneration scene. This episode is the first to not feature a preview of the next episode at the end. Instead it has a montage of Claire and Mr. Bennet backed by Simon and Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water." The episode features interviews with Jack Coleman, Greg Grunberg, Eric Roberts, Matthew John Armstrong, Ashley Crow, Jimmy Jean-Louis, and Mark Kolpack.

Bad Company

Aired November 7, 2007

This episode deals with the ever growing threat of Sylar and how all the heroes are becoming increasingly endangered by the Company. It focuses mainly on interviews with cast members and writers as they talk about the fun they had interweaving the stories with Linderman and the episodes with Sylar and Mohinder's alliance. It also explains how the scene from Parasite was accomplished, in which Sylar holds Mohinder up onto the ceiling of his apartment. It also looks at the actors' and writers' thoughts on the casting of British actor Malcolm McDowell and it contains a brief look at his previous work in film and television. It features interviews with Zachary Quinto, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Milo Ventimiglia, Jeph Loeb, and Dennis Hammer.


Aired November 14, 2007

This episode is dedicated to the character of Isaac Mendez and his dramatic story. It consists primarily of a large interview with Santiago Cabrera and takes the viewer through his journey in Heroes. It also shows us how the set used for Charles Deveaux's rooftop was made and the complications surrounding the filming of scenes set upon it. It also features interviews with Jack Coleman, Milo Ventimiglia, Ruth Ammon and Dennis Hammer. This is also the second episode not to feature a preview of the next chapter of Heroes; instead there is a montage of Isaac's journey set to "Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley.

Tomorrow's World

Aired November 21, 2007

Showing after the first airing of Five Years Gone, this episode looks at how the cast and crew created the Explosion Future. It features many interviews with cast members about how they created their future selves, particularly looking at Sylar masquerading as Nathan and how Adrian Pasdar put across some of his mannerisms in his acting. Also, the episode touches on the creation of Future Hiro and how the concept for his costume came about. It also has a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Hiro and Ando's scene in Isaac's loft. It features interviews with Masi Oka, Jack Coleman, Milo Ventimiglia, Ruth Ammon, Dennis Hammer, Sendhil Ramamurthy, and James Kyson Lee.

The Director's Cut

Aired November 28, 2007

In this episode, the interviewer talks to John Badham about his work directing Heroes and takes a look at some of his previous work. It follows him on set in the making of the episode The Hard Part which accompanies this. It shows the viewer how a Los Angeles parking lot in warm weather was transformed into a St. Louis car retailer in cold weather. It also talks to cast and crew members about John Badham and how he is to work with. It features interviews with Jack Coleman, Adrian Pasdar, Milo Ventimiglia, Greg Grunberg, Tawny Cypress, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Leonard Roberts, Ali Larter, and Hayden Panettiere.


Aired December 5, 2007

Following a double bill of Landslide and How To Stop An Exploding Man this episode takes a look back at the individual journeys and developments of all the heroes through the first season. It also has a preview of what is to come.

The Story So Far

Aired December 5, 2007

Danny Wallace and Andrew Collins look at where Heroes now resides in the sci-fi landscape. There are snippets from the Heroes World Tour, footage from fan conventions, and a sneak preview of the second series. This episode aired after "Finale".

Season Two

Japanese Idol

Aired April 24, 2008

In this episode, Heroes Unmasked talks to the cast and crew about their expectations for the new season, and takes a behind the scenes look at the filming of the scenes with Hiro and Takezo Kensei in Feudal Japan. The costume designers explain how they went about creating good-looking Japanese armor for Kensei. Allan Arkush talks about how the prop and set designers rifled through countless Japanese movies to get the right atmosphere for Feudal Japan. This episode features interviews with Masi Oka, Tim Kring, David Anders, Cristine Rose, Greg Grunberg and Ali Larter.


Aired May 1, 2008

This episode centers on the history of the main characters, with many revealing a distinctly dark past. With family a major theme in the show, Heroes Unmasked talks to the show's stars to find out their family issues, in particular the Petrellis, who are currently in real trouble. There is also an exclusive tour of the Irish sets in Hollywood, where the show's set designers discuss how they go about creating Cork in America.

What the Butlers Saw

Aired May 8, 2008

In this episode, Heroes Unmasked takes a look behind the scene with Hayden Panettiere, where she discusses her character's love interest, West, as he reveals something horrific. This episode also reveals how the magic of prosthetics and computer effects managed to create Claire's regeneration scenes, in particular the infamous toe-cutting scene.

When Worlds Collide

Aired May 15, 2008

The cloud of mystery surrounding Maya and Alejandro begins to clear, as Heroes Unmasked reveals the process of creating Maya's deadly tears, and Dania Ramirez and Shalim Ortiz share some secrets of their characters' futures. Zachary Quinto is also interviewed, and he discusses the new characters, his views on the start of Season 2, and what it's really like playing the all-powerful Sylar. This episode also features exclusives with the locations department, visual effects experts, and directors.

Sweet Dreams

Aired May 22, 2008

As we finally realize the importance of Matt's father in the Heroes universe, Adrian Pasdar tells Heroes Unmasked about the trials of make-up, which result in his alter ego's scarred appearance. The Unmasked team also discovers more about Matt's life in New York with Molly and Mohinder, and Greg Grunberg tells viewers why his character's father could hold the key to understanding the reason behind about Molly's nightmares.

Travelling in Style

Aired May 29, 2008

From feudal Japan to future New York, this episode shows how it's up to the production team to create the look and style of the show and bring these worlds to life, including interviews with the actors who portray members of the Dawson family, where they reveal how they found the New Orleans locations in the middle of LA. Also featured are special insights into Heroes's shooting style and graphic look, as Heroes Unmasked finds out what goes into turning the writer's words on the script, to the stunning worlds on screen, whether filming in their Hollywood studio, out on location, or using the magic of CGI.

New World Disorder

Aired 5 June 2008

In Season One, our heroes had to save the cheerleader to save the world. This time, the stakes are raised and it's now a deadly virus that's set to wipe out the globe. Stephen Tobolowsky (Bob Bishop) discusses the global threat that the virus plays and the Company's attempts to stop it, as well as the episode Out of Time, which leaves the viewer unsure who to believe. The task of changing history falls on the shoulders of Peter Petrelli, with Milo Ventimiglia gives his side of the story, as he befriends a new hero.

The Casting Couch

Aired 12 June 2008

In this episode, Heroes Unmasked takes a step behind the casting couch for some exclusive interviews with the casting agents. Kristen Bell discusses how she achieved her electric performance as Elle, Dana Davis talks about Monica's crazy stunts, and Stephen Tobolowsky tells Heroes Unmasked how he makes Bob a little ambiguous. Also featured are interviews with Nichelle Nichols (Nana Dawson), Zachary Quinto (Sylar), Nick D'Agosto (West), Noah Gray-Cabey (Micah), Milo Ventimiglia (Peter), George Takei (Kaito), Jeph Loeb, and Tim Kring.

Through Heroes Eyes

Aired 19 June 2008

After seeing Isaac's paintings become reality, the cast and crew discuss the actions of the different characters. Jack Coleman explains the moral ambiguity behind his protection of Claire from the Company, Sendhil Ramamurthy talks about Mohinder's growing alliance with the Company, and "going native". Stephen Tobolowsky also gives his thought on things, including the differences between his own daughter, and Noah's daughter Claire. The digital effects team reveal how they contributed to HRG's eye resurrection, and the writers and directors explain how they brought a bit of the Wild West into the scene with Noah, Claire, Bob and Elle. Through Heroes Eyes features interviews with Tim Kring, Jeph Loeb, Eric Grenaudier, Michael Cook, Ashley Crow, Dennis Hammer, Charlie Lieberman and Greg Yaitanes.

From Heroes to Villains

Aired 3 July 2008

The Volume Two finale left many unanswered questions. Adrian Pasdar, Milo Ventimiglia and Greg Grunberg talk about Nathan's assassin, and Cristine Rose sheds light on Angela's mysterious phone call in the aftermath. Tim Kring, Jesse Alexander, Greg Beeman, Allan Arkush and Jeph Loeb discuss the effect of the writers strike, and how it changed the script for the finale at the last minute -- including a huge change in plot in which the virus isn't released, as it originally was meant to be. Ali Larter and Zachary Quinto point out the positives behind the strike, such as giving the writers more time to develop interesting storylines, and a bigger, better Volume Three. The special effects of Powerless are also looked into, with Ruth Ammon explaining the huge tasks the effects team have to undergo for each episode. Also featured are interviews with Dennis Hammer, David Anders, Gary D'Amico and a special look at the BAFTAs, where Heroes won "Best International Series".

Season Three

Opening Pandora's box

This episode goes behind the scenes with Masi Oka, James Kyson Lee and Brea Grant; who discuss the reestablished partnership of Hiro and Ando, as well as what's to be expected in a brand new volume of Heroes, "Pandora's Box" being the envelope containing half of the formula. Daphne Millbrook is also introduced, with a look at how her first scenes were filmed and her power of Super speed. When they were casting, they thought of her as "Tinkerbell". Finally Ando of the Future is introduced a another example of anticipating an event you don't want to happen.

New Heroes on the Block

The new "Kids" are of course the Level 5 escapees, the "Block" is Level 5 and the new face of others like the "rebooted" Niki called Tracy and the new face of Mohinder. Coleman: "To me, Level 5 is Guantanamo Bay", Loeb agrees. It also looks at the revelation that Angela is the mother of Sylar as a "nerve jangeling cliff hanger" to come back after the publicity (Loeb) or the next week.

On a Heroic Scale

Gary D'Amico and Tim Gilbert discuss the effects and stunts used to create the bank heist scene from the episode One of Us, One of Them.

Playing God

Jeph Loeb, Tim Kring, Cristine Rose and others discuss where the Heroes (and Villains) get their powers from. Is it purely science, or a higher power?

Shock of the Old

Robert Forster, Jeph Loeb, Charlie Lieberman and others look at the revelation of Arthur Petrelli's being alive and his entrance scene.

Teenage Kicks

Jeph Loeb, Zachary Quinto and Allan Arkush discuss Sylar's attack on Claire and her transformation to Leather Claire from the opening of the third season.

A Bug's Life

About Mohinder's life becoming an insect.

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Missing Links

Mainly about Arthur.

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About directing the show. Behind the scenes shows the directors, production meetings, storyboards and some of the tricks.

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Let's Get Physical

About the stunts of Hayden Panettiere and Jack Coleman.

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Heroes By Design

Interview with production designer Ruth Ammon with the example of Baron Samedi's compound (Samedi, Egalité, Divinité!) and Sam's Comics (Kring: "We now own thousands of comic books") and how hilarious Breckin Meyer and Seth Green. Light is another part of story telling, sneak peak to pink area Tokyo.

The Music of Heroes

In an exclusive interview, at their studios in Los Angeles, and behind the scenes access to the process behind their compositions, composers Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman reveal their inspirations behind the music of the series, and their excitement at being so key to the Heroes team.

Heroes on the Run

A behind-the-scenes look at the final moments of Volume Three, featuring exploding sets and gruelling fights, and a preview of the opening episode of Volume Four. With contributions by Jack Coleman, Milo Ventimiglia, Greg Grunberg and Hayden Panettiere. This episode is the last in the series as of Season Three.


  • Anthony Head narrated the episodes for Seasons One and Two. The narrator for the Season Three episodes is Santiago Cabrera.
  • Heroes Unmasked has been able to gain exclusive interviews with many of the cast and crew of the show. In fact, every Season One principal actor has appeared in the show.
  • The interviews mostly take place in the set for Isaac's loft and Mohinder Suresh's apartment.
  • The BBC Two broadcasts of the show have re-aired on's Heroes website during each summer.


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