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Webisode:Damen Peak, Part 1

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Damen Park, Part 1
A New Target
Webisode number: 37
First released: November 19, 2015
A New Target.jpg
Written by: David Hartwell
Directed by: David Hartwell,
Tom Krueger
Previous Webisode: Dark Matters, Part 6
Next Webisode: Damen Peak, Part 2
Preview the new digital video about Damen Peak, the latest EVO to fall into the sights of Joanne Collins.



Joanne Collins begins a recording, most likely to Renautas. She is speaking about her new target, Damen Peak. Damen is seen having a meeting with Jim and others. He claims that he has enjoyed getting to know Jim and is glad that Jim trusts him with his dreams and fears. Damen persuades Jim to agree with him. They all get up and leave the meeting. Damen leaves the building in his Cadillac CTS as Joanne begins to follow him.

Memorable Quotes

"Word on the street is, he's an evo; and you know how I feel about evos."

- Joanne (to her recorder)

Character Appearances

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