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Marvel Comics

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Marvel Comics
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Marvel Comics is an American comic book line published by Marvel Entertainment.


Marvel was created in 1939 by Martin Goodman. Being one of America's best known comic book producers, Marvel's best-known comics titles include Fantastic Four, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Daredevil, Thor, Captain America, Blade, Agent Carter, and X-Men. Most of Marvel's fictional characters are depicted as inhabiting a single shared world; this continuity is known as the Marvel Universe.


Don't Look Back

The NYPD detective in Isaac's apartment notes that Hiro is a member of the "Merry Marvel Marching Society", a Marvel Comics fan club that was disbanded in 1971.

Graphic Novel:The Crane

Hiro keeps a poster of Spider-Man and a figurine of The Hulk in his apartment.

Graphic Novel:Wireless, Part 4

Ted Sprague's internet username is "teddybear616", a reference to Earth-616.

The Hard Part

Mr. Claremont runs Jittetsu Arms. The character is named for Chris Claremont, the comic book writer responsible for Uncanny X-Men, Days of Future Past, and many other graphic novels.


Candice brings Micah several Marvel comic books, including Hulk: Gray, Daredevil: Yellow, and Silver Surfer, Issue #1. Incidentally, the Hulk and Daredevil stories were illustrated by comic mainstay Tim Sale, the real-life artist behind Isaac Mendez's artwork.

It's Coming

Hiro, mentally reverted to his ten year old self, finds himself in at a comic book store in Tokyo. He is shocked and dismayed at the developments in the Marvel Universe since he was ten. Specifically, he is shocked that Captain America has died, that Peter Parker has revealed his identity, and that The Hulk is now red. The store also sells issues of X-Men.

The Eclipse, Part 1

At Sam's Comics in Lawrence, Sam tells Hiro that he's got plenty of Hulk: Red issues. The comic book store sells issues of Avengers, Excaliber, Magik, Infinity Crusade, Alpha Flight, Ultimate X-Men, Secret Invasion: Inhumans, Hulk #1, Captain America: White, Spider-Man, She-Hulk, and Iron Man.

The Eclipse, Part 2

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When Hiro buys every back issue of 9th Wonders! from Sam's Comics, he throws in a copy of Ultimate X-Men, Issue #96, written by Aron Coleite. Later, Hiro runs into the comic book store's bathroom, where a picture of Captain America hangs. Additionally, the store has issues of The Punisher, Balder the Brave (Issue #1, The Sword of Frey), and Phoenix on display.

Shades of Gray

A Captain America poster (with art by Tim Sale) hangs on the wall of Sam's Comics.

Graphic Novel:The Trip, Part 1

Hiro's scrambled brain makes him see Devil Dinosaur and Moon-Boy, two Marvel characters.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 3

Quentin Frady tells his sister Phoebe that she only likes Renautas because the recruiter looks like Blade.

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