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Dale Smither

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Dale Smither
Portrayed by Rusty Schwimmer
First appearance Unexpected
In-story stats
Known ability Enhanced hearing
Date of death October 2006
Home Bozeman, MT
Occupation Mechanic

Dale Smither was an evolved human who had the ability of enhanced hearing. She was mentioned to be on the list, and has been killed by Sylar.

Character History


Dale receives a visit from Mohinder and Sylar (posing as Zane Taylor) at her shop. While hostile initially, she becomes more friendly when Sylar demonstrates Zane's power. She hears Sylar's heart race when she describes her own ability and becomes suspicious. She tells them she doesn't have time to participate in Mohinder's test right away, but agrees to meet him the next day. During the night, Sylar murders her and takes her power. The next morning, Mohinder finds Dale, suspended underneath a car she was working on, with the top of her head and brain removed.

Graphic Novel:The Natural Order of Things

Mohinder recalls how Dale fell a victim to Sylar's hunger.


In Hiro's dream, Sylar counts off the people that he killed, mentioning Dale as one of them, and labeling her "the mechanic".

Evolved Human Abilities

Dale had the ability of enhanced hearing. She could hear a drop of rain from 40 miles away, and a cockroach walking in her neighbor's house sounded like a marching band parading through her house.

Dale always wore headphones that blasted rap music, despite the fact that she couldn't stand it. It was the only thing that she found that could cancel out all of the ambient noise that would otherwise drive her crazy, as she was still learning how to control her newfound powers.

When she first realized her power, she had major headaches. She believed her head would explode from it. But once she learned to control it, she decided it was the greatest thing to ever happen to her.

Memorable Quotes

"Damn. That was my best wrench."

- Dale Smither (to Sylar) (Unexpected)

"Well, if you've come to try to take it away from me, you're gonna have a hell of a fight on your hands."

- Dale Smither (to Mohinder Suresh) (Unexpected)

"That sound, in your heart, what is it?"


- Dale Smither, Sylar (Unexpected)


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