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Role-playing games

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Role-playing games
Multi-sided dice are often used in role-playing games.

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Hiro is a big fan of, and frequently references, role-playing games or RPGs in his blog. In both tabletop and video role-playing games, the idea is to portray particular characters, deciding their actions and playing through their story as they adventure, develop, and grow.


Game Over

Quentin Frady asks if Miko is a LARP-er (live action role-playing gamer).

Heroes Evolutions

Hiro's blog

Generic RPG References

  • In Stardate 1764.3, Hiro says, "LFM to save the world." LFM means "looking for more" and is often used in role-playing games like World of Warcraft.
  • In Stardate 1780.4, Hiro says the Corinthian Casino closet in which he was locked is full of fake armor, "The kind you would start off an RPG with and immediately sell after a better one drops."
  • In Stardate 1784.0, Hiro says, "I'm at full HP and MP, and have all my elixirs. It's time to take down the last boss," and "There is no save point. There is no reset."
  • A crossword puzzle clue on Hiro's blog reads "/target"; the answer is "MA" which stands for "Main Assist", the target selector for a party or raid in massively multiplayer online roleplaying games. Another clue reads "Raid leader: 'He's at 50% and nobody is dead'; the answer is "keepitup" (keep it up), a phrase often uttered by video game players when the boss is hypothetically at 50% power and the player still has his full complement of players.

Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest is a console role-playing game series developed by Enix (later Square-Enix). Originally made for the Nintendo Entertainment System, it has expanded to other platforms, including the PS1, PS2, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, and Nintendo DS. Incredibly popular in Japan, it has also enjoyed nominal popularity in North America.

  • In Stardate 1766.1, Hiro says "(Nathan) was very nice and is giving me a ride right now back to Las Vegas. ルーラ!" "ルーラ" or "Ruura" is the name of the teleportation spell used in the Dragon Quest series. In the English translations of Dragon Quest, it is also known as "Return" or "Zoom".
  • Hiro also makes reference to "Return" in Stardate 1758.5; "I can't really fight. No weapons. My current spells would be Quick, Return, and Teleport."

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