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Gas station (II)

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Gas station (II)
Recruit gas station.jpg
Location: Unknown
Purpose: Gas distribution and automotive repair

Notable Locations

  • A restroom
  • A parking lot
  • A garage

Notable Visitors


Webisode:The Recruit, Part 5

Rachel Mills drives into the gas station and parks next to the restroom. She heads inside the restroom and removes a vial of serum from her shoulder wound. After reapplying her bandage and tying it closed with part of her shirt, Rachel leaves the restroom to find Angela Petrelli and Carlos waiting for her on opposite sides of her vehicle. After talking some with Angela, Rachel hands over the serum to her. Carlos then places a hood over her head and drags her kicking and screaming into the garage. Meanwhile, Angela makes a video call to an old friend.



  • A sign outside the garage advertises that a mechanic is on duty during both the night and day. It also mentions that the garage performs brakes repairs and tune-ups.
  • Another sign, left of the restroom, points to where gasoline is sold there and notes that purchases of gasoline are self-service and must be pre-paid.

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