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New York subway

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New York subway
NY subway passengers.JPG
Location: New York, NY
Purpose: Transportation

While on the New York subway, Peter receives a life-altering message.

Notable Visitors



Peter and Mohinder board a busy subway train in New York City. They discuss the possible existence of evolved humans, and Mohinder expresses doubt in Peter's power. Suddenly, the lights dim and everyone on the car, with the exception of Peter, seems to freeze. A future version of Hiro appears to give Peter a message.


Future Hiro gives Peter the message: "Save the cheerleader, save the world." They talk briefly, but Hiro leaves in order to avoid a rift. When time resumes, Peter is astounded and Mohinder is oblivious.

Graphic Novel:String Theory

Five years after the explosion, Future Hiro finds the rundown subway and time travels to it in order to give a message to Peter.

Five Years Gone

Future Hiro has hung a reproduction of a painting on his string web. The painting depicts Peter and Hiro aboard the subway train on October 4.


  • The New York City subway has 842 miles of track that reach 468 passenger stations.
  • When Peter and Mohinder take the subway to Isaac's apartment, the train is labeled "MTA 8"; no such line exists.
  • The 8 labeling the train car was painted onto the outside of the car. In reality, the MTA's route label is displayed in a fashion more easily changed (usually by LED display, or laminated sign), so that cars can be used on more than one line.


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