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Parking garage (II)

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Parking garage (II)
Empty parking garage.jpg
Location: New York, NY
Purpose: Parking

Peter and Claire meet Nathan in a parking garage.

Notable Visitors


How to Stop an Exploding Man

Peter drives Claire into a New York City parking lot where Nathan is waiting. Claire tells Peter that Nathan isn't trustworthy and isn't needed, but Peter tells her that he's afraid and needs his brother. He hears Claire's thoughts and discovers her distrust for Peter. Peter goes to Nathan and informs him about Sylar and asks for his help. Nathan says Claire doesn't need to be involved, but Peter tells him that she's the only one who can stop Sylar or himself. Unnoticed, Claire leaves the car and runs away. As Nathan talks, Peter hears Nathan's thoughts about the explosion and realizes that he cannot trust his brother, as Claire had urged. Realizing Claire is not now in the car, he runs to find her, turning invisible. Meanwhile, Claire runs into Angela.

Mr. Bennet calls Claire, but Angela, who is watching Claire with Nathan, answers the phone. When Bennet asks where Claire is, Angela replies that she is with "her family". After Bennet proclaims that he is her family, Angela reminds him that she was given to him to watch over her, but Mr. Bennet has done a poor job so far. When asked where they're taking her, Angela tells Bennet they're leaving to safety and that he should do the same soon. Bennet talks to Claire and tells her to leave with them, but then escape when safe. He asks where Peter is, but she doesn't know. Bennet hangs up after telling Claire he has a plan and loves her.



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