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Union Station

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Union Station
Union Station.jpg
Union Station
Location: Washington, DC
Purpose: Transport

Rebel tells Tracy to find necessary papers in a locker at the Union Station.

Notable Visitors


Cold Snap

Tracy follows Rebel's instructions and makes her way to the indicated locker within the station. Once she has removed the contents of the locker, Micah appears and tells her that he is Rebel. Shocked at this news, Tracy warns him that he's in danger and that she was bait to attempt to catch him. They quickly move down into the carpark to avoid any agents watching on. Once there they notice agents approaching, Tracy tells Micah to activate the sprinklers, and to stay ahead of the ice. Once Micah is gone, and the agent have her surrounded she activates her ability and causes all the water within the lot to freeze, including everything they are touching. Once she is finished she has frozen everything, including herself. Danko then approaches and shoots her in the chest, shattering her while Noah looks on.



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  • For a conceptual sketch of the scene when Tracy freezes the station's parking garage, see here.

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