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New York shipping yard

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New York shipping yard
New york shipping yard.jpg
Peter is fleeing the Haitian.
Location: New York, NY
Purpose: Transportation

Elle and the Haitian chases Adam and Peter through a shipping yard in New York.

Notable Employees

Notable Visitors


Four Months Ago...

At a New York shipping yard, Adam hands Peter his passport and an air ticket to Montreal. Elle and the Haitian find Peter and Adam attempting to flee. Adam tells Peter to meet him in the warehouse in Montreal, and they start to run in opposite directions, but Elle shoots them both with full blasts of lightning. Adam is thrown against a wall and falls to the ground, and Peter's clothes catch on fire and he too falls to the ground. Elle goes after Adam while she tells the Haitian to chase Peter. Peter takes off his burning shirt and runs from the Haitian, who is catching up to him. He climbs over a fence into a shipping yard with tons of shipping crates. In front of an open, empty shipping crate, the Haitian finally catches up to Peter, and he pushes him into the crate. He punches Peter and forces him to the ground, and Peter attempts to use one of his powers to protect himself, but the Haitian has already used his, and Peter's powers are inaccessible. The Haitian then forces Peter into one of the corners of the shipping crate, and then handcuffs him to it. The Haitian says that he will not bring Peter back to the Company. Instead, he will leave him here to protect him. The Haitian gives Peter his symbol necklace, and tells him that he is repaying a debt to Angela Petrelli by saving Peter. The Haitian then says his last words to Peter--"your secret is safe with me"--before he leans in and puts his hand to Peter's forehead and erases his memory. Peter screams in protest but finally hangs limp. The Haitian runs out, and the last thing Peter sees before darkness is the Haitian closing the shipping crate doors on him.

Graphic Novel:Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 2

Daphne Millbrook passes by the yard's security guard unnoticed. She then proceeds to break into Kaito Nakamura's shipment container and steal a military prototype. After hearing some noises, she leaves the yard unnoticed by a running Peter Petrelli being chased by the Haitian

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