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Webisode:Hard Knox, Part 2

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Hard Knox, Part 2
Get Straight
Webisode number: 11
First released: December 22, 2008
Hard Knox, Part 2.jpg
Written by: Rob Fresco
Directed by: Allan Arkush
Previous Webisode: Hard Knox, Part 1
Next Webisode: The Recruit, Part 3
Next Part: Hard Knox, Part 3
Knox faces a deadly dilemma and even the persuasive Matt Parkman can't help him.


  • While trying to test out his newfound ability, Knox is confronted by Matt.
  • Matt and Knox argue about getting out of gang life, only for Knox's gang to watch from a distance.



Knox is standing in an alley, trying to bend a piece of rebar steel with no success. Matt Parkman walks by, and sees Knox and stops to talk. Matt tells Knox he knows about the heist the gang just did, and again tries to get Knox to leave the gang. As they finish their discussion, a window in a nearby car rolls down, showing that Bartell's gang was listening to the entire conversion.

Memorable Quotes

"So what are you going to do, huh? You going to run with Bartell until you catch a bullet?"

"Look, the way I see it, I catch a bullet either way I turn."

- Matt Parkman, Knox

Character Appearances


  • The Hard Knox series was originally filmed as scenes intended for the episode Villains. They were cut due to time restrictions, and later released on The scenes were also included with the deleted scenes found on the Season Three DVD. This particular webisode was entitled "Knox is seen by gang talking to Matt" on the DVD.

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