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Webisode:Hard Knox, Part 1

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Hard Knox, Part 1
Webisode number: 10
First released: December 22, 2008
Hard Knox, Part 1.jpg
Written by: Rob Fresco
Directed by: Allan Arkush
Previous Webisode: The Recruit, Part 2
Next Webisode: Hard Knox, Part 2
Matt Parkman wants street thug Knox to go straight, but it's not so easy.



Eighteen months ago, Knox and Matt Parkman are having a meal together. Matt is trying to convince Knox to leave a gang he is running with, headed by a thug named Bartell. They part ways, and the venue flashes back to a room where the gang thugs are planning a job and selecting guns. Knox mentions he wants to "sit this one out", but Bartell doesn't comply. While Bartell is doing a confidence check on each other member (by holding a gun to their throats), Knox begins to sense their fear, and surprisingly bends a steel crowbar into a pretzel. No other gang thug asks to skip out on the heist, and Knox reluctantly agrees to participate.


Memorable Quotes

"(Tommy Lasorda) knew more about pasta than about managing a ball club."

Knox, to Matt Parkman

"This ain't trade school, you feel me? You don't call in sick. And I aint sending out four guys to do a five guy job!"

Bartell, to Knox

Character Appearances


  • The Hard Knox series was originally filmed as scenes intended for the episode Villains. They were cut due to time restrictions, and later released on The scenes were also included with the deleted scenes found on the Season Three DVD. This particular webisode was split into two scenes on the DVD entitled "Matt wants Knox to quit gang" and "Knox asks to sit out on robbery".

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