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Portrayed by Unknown
First appearance Trust and Blood
In-story stats
Known ability None
Date of death 2007
Occupation Agent of Homeland Security

Gibson was an agent of the Department of Homeland Security, who served on a team of commando soldiers hunting evolved humans on behalf of his superior, Senator Nathan Petrelli. He was a good friend of Rachel Mills. He was killed by Emile Danko while under the telepathic control of Matt Parkman.

Character History

Trust and Blood

At the Flight 195 crash site, Gibson sneaks over the hill between his team and the escaped evolved humans. He shoots and apparently kills Daphne Millbrook. He shoots Claire Bennet when she protects Daphne from further shots, but Matt Parkman takes over and telepathically commands Gibson to shoot his teammates, and he does, taking down all but Rachel Mills before Danko shoots him from behind, killing him.

Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 1 of The Agent, Rachel mourns Gibson's death at the end of the day while standing watch over Tracy Strauss. In Rachel's recollection, Gibson got close to Rachel. She learned that Gibson was two years younger than her, and Rachel saw in his eyes that he didn't have any field experience. Rachel also saw that Gibson was the best shot in their training group.

Right after Rachel's last training exercise before their first mission, Gibson informs Rachel that he could be out if he fails this test one more time. However, he refuses to accept Rachel's help and asks her to tell him again about her experience in Iran. Later that day, Gibson and the other recruits are briefed about the plane crash and board black-painted helicopters that immediately take off. During the flight to the crash site, everyone receives live ammunition and loads their weapons with it.

Sometime after landing, Gibson approached Rachel after she has received orders from Danko and asks to be one of the three men Rachel gets to pick for her squad. After being accepted by Rachel, he accompanies the squad as it follows the main search party. Then they spot a group of the escaped detainees including the senator's daughter next to the smashed tail of the plane. The agent in charge of the main party begins setting up an ambush with hand gestures, but Daphne stands up like she is going to take off and Gibson opens fire. His shots send the Daphne and Claire to the ground, and then he pauses firing. One of the other fugitives faces off with Gibson and causes him to turn and start shooting the other members of the main search party and Rachel's squad. Gibson continues until only he and Rachel are left standing. When Gibson finally turns his gun on Rachel, Danko shoots him dead before he can pull the trigger.

In chapter 2 of The Agent, Rachel remembers Gibson as one of the people she recently witnessed dying.

In chapter 3 of The Agent, Rachel remembers the mind-guy that got Gibson killed.

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