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Flight 195 crash

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Flight 195 crash
Flight 195 crashes in Russellville.

First mentioned: A Clear and Present Danger
Date of event: 2007

Flight 195 is a transport plane that carries evolved humans captured by Danko's team. As a result of depressurization, it crashes in Russellville, Arkansas.

Notable Participants


A Clear and Present Danger

On Flight 195, while freeing Tracy from her shackles, Peter absorbs her ability to freeze things. He unwittingly freezes the plane's fuselage, causing it to shatter and the plane to begin crashing. A masked fugitive falls out of the plane. Peter grabs onto a netting which soon unfastens as he starts to get swept out. Mohinder grabs his hand, but both start to lose their grip. In the cockpit, the pilot and Noah struggle to control the plane as it heads towards the ground.

Trust and Blood

The plane's flaming wreckage is seen as Peter and Claire run from the plane crash.

A base camp is built within walking distance of the wreckage and many soldiers are seen here, working to round up the escaped captives.

Many heroes meet up near the crash site, before they are fired upon by Danko's team. Claire and Daphne are captured while others escape.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 1

When Micah finds the house empty and uses his power to learn that Monica and Nana were taken by agents, along with Damon who the agents believed to be Micah. Micah heads back to his school computer and follows video footage of the captives being loaded onto Flight 195 and later a list of the captives aboard the plane, including Monica, Nana, Flint, Hiro, Matt, Peter, Sparrow Redhouse, Mohinder and Tracy. Claire and Sylar are also shown and Micah wonders why Claire has been released. His monitor then displays the mayday messages of the pilot.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 2

Sparrow Redhouse is sucked out of Flight 195, but manages to break free of her seat and use her power to cushion her fall. She blacks out, and when she wakes up she steals some clothes from a trailer, near the site. As she changes, she encounters Micah, who tells Sparrow he used his ability to find the crash site, but when he got there, the plane was gone.

Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 1 of The Agent, Rachel and other Building 26 agents are briefed on the crash, and sent to recapture the escaped passengers. Once there, she overhears Danko and Nathan argue over the crash and prisoners, with Danko upset that Nathan’s daughter turned the flight into a national security risk. Danko assigns Rachel a team, and they ambush a group of fugitives near the crash site, with Claire and Daphne being captured.

Memorable Quotes

"We're going to make an unexpected landing!"

- Claire (to Mr. Dougherty) (A Clear and Present Danger)


  • The mayday message of the pilot mentions the location "Walnut Ridge Vortac" about 25 miles north of Russellville, so the actual crash site should be in between those two places. (Rebellion, Part 1)


  • Plane crashes are often used as cliffhangers in television and movies, causing dramatic effect and tension.
  • Noah is shown as being a competent co-pilot.
  • In the storyboards for Flight 195's crash, none of the hooded prisoners are wearing goggles or earmuffs. The goggles and earmuffs must've been a detail added when filming for A Clear and Present Danger began.


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