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The Company's guns

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The Company's guns
Company gun mohinder.jpg
Mohinder Suresh points a gun to Sylar's head.

First mentioned: Don't Look Back
Owned by: The Company and its agents
Current status: At least one in Noah Bennet's possession

The Company often issues guns to its agents. Most of the guns issued are highly customized Strayer Voigt Infinity 1911 .45 caliber semiautomatic pistols. Many Company agents primarily use the specialized guns, though other types of weapons are also used from time to time, usually when dealing with extremely powerful evolved humans. Following are some of the more notable appearances of the Company's guns.


Don't Look Back

When Mohinder confronts the phony exterminator, the man pulls a customized 1911 on him. In the struggle, the gun ends up in Eden's possession and the man runs off.

Five weeks in the future, Hiro Nakamura finds a gun near the dead body of Isaac Mendez. It is customized exactly like the gun carried by the exterminator.

One Giant Leap

Mohinder Suresh is in his apartment working when he hears a noise at the door. He grabs the gun Eden took from the phony exterminator, but the noise turns out to be Eden bringing food.


After capturing Nathan Petrelli in Las Vegas, Noah, armed with a Company gun, leads him through a parking garage. Nathan is briefly able to use the distraction of a phone call to escape, but is recaptured by Noah and Rene. Noah holds Nathan at gunpoint as Rene advances on him, but Nathan is able to fly off and escape before Noah can react.


Eden McCain goes to Sylar's cell to attempt to persuade him to commit suicide. She carries a gun customized just like the phony exterminator's. When Sylar breaks the glass of his cell and threatens to steal her power, she turns the gun on herself instead.


When Noah Bennet comes to Mohinder's apartment to talk to him, he carries one of the Company's guns, laying it on the table between himself and Mohinder while speaking with him and then holstering it when he leaves.


Mr. Bennet arrives home just in time to stop Sylar from killing Sandra. He shoots Sylar with the same customized gun.

Graphic Novel:Road Kill

Mr. Bennet shoots Sylar with the gun. Sylar staggers out into the streets of Odessa, and sews up his wounds.


Mr. Bennet gives one of the guns (which he has holstered) to Isaac in case Peter comes to Isaac's studio. When Isaac asks what he's supposed to do with the gun, Bennet tells him to "save the world". Later, when Peter arrives, Isaac grabs the gun. He points it at Peter who disappears. Isaac shoots the gun blindly, and accidentally shoots Simone in the chest twice, killing her.

Company Man

In 1992, Sandra Bennet finds her husband's gun and grows suspicious. In 1999, Mr. Bennet shoots Claude after he was noted to be hiding someone with an ability. Thompson shoots Ted, causing Ted to lose control of his power. The Haitian shoots Mr. Bennet, upon his request, to make it seem like he was attacked. This, followed by the Haitian erasing Mr. Bennet's memory, is done to throw off the Company.

Graphic Novel:Hell's Angel

Mr. Bennet and Claude prepare to raid Meredith Gordon's apartment, guns blazing.


After killing Simone, Isaac picks up his gun and shoots at Peter, but Peter is able to turn invisible and escape unharmed.

Mohinder pulls the gun he got from the phony exterminator out of his desk drawer and aims it at Sylar. After stopping to collect spinal fluid, he again takes aim and fires, but Sylar stops the bullet in mid-air.

Meanwhile, Isaac Mendez paints a series of paintings depicting his own death. One shows his gun lying next to his body, just as Hiro found it in the future.

Graphic Novel:Family Man

The Haitian uses the gun to shoot Mr. Bennet on a Texas bridge.


After entering the Company facility, Mr. Bennet draws a gun to take out the tracking system. Thompson sees Bennet and Matt on the security system, and prepares to stop the two. After avoiding shots fired at them, Matt and Bennet split up, where Bennet kills Thompson. As Bennet and Matt discover that the tracking system is Molly Walker, Mohinder knocks Matt out and aims a gun at Bennet, where the two stand off.

Later, Linderman shoots D.L. Hawkins with yet another of the Company's guns.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

In an alleyway, Peter expresses his concern that he won't be able to control his power. Mr. Bennet shows Peter the gun and tells him he'll take Peter out himself--he's a pretty good shot.

Later, as the two men look for Sylar at Kirby Plaza, Mr. Bennet takes the gun out and readies it. Peter glows radioactively and can't control his power. Mr. Bennet takes the gun and tries shoot Peter, but is unable. He gives the gun to Claire, and at Peter's insistence, aims. Nathan arrives and blocks Claire from shooting his brother.

Graphic Novel:Golden Handshake, Part 1

Haram keeps his gun ready while raiding a pier in a Côte d'Azur harbor.

Graphic Novel:Golden Handshake, Part 2

Haram busts into a Paris hotel room and fires his gun at Rollo Fusor. He shoots a hole clean through Fusor's abdomen, but finds the man is already dead.

Graphic Novel:Golden Handshake, Part 3

Atop a Paris hotel, Haram shoots at Fusor's accomplice at least five times. When she escapes, he chases her into a park, but mistakenly takes aim at an innocent couple. When the perpetrator knocks over a tree branch, Haram drops the gun, and decides to go for it instead of his partner, a crucial mistake.

Graphic Novel:Golden Handshake, Part 4

After overpowering his target, Haram puts his gun away.

Graphic Novel:Blackout, Part 2

At a New York City hospital, a Primatech agent hits Mohinder with his gun, then draws his gun in an attempt to kidnap a teenage patient.

Graphic Novel:Team Building Exercise

Ivan and Noah carry and fire guns during a mission to capture the "Liquid Man".

The Line

Noah finds the series of eight, one of which depicts Mohinder Suresh holding a smoking Company gun.

Out of Time

Noah calls Mohinder and asks if the Company issued him a gun. Mohinder is surprised and tells him that they haven't and are watching his every move. He grows disgruntled as Noah shows a willingness to sacrifice him to protect his family.

In Niki's nightmare, Bob Bishop kills her husband with a Company gun.

After getting a police report on Claire and West's prank on Debbie Marshall, Bob sends Mohinder to get Claire she may hold the key to curing the Shanti virus. As Noah is unlikely to let them take his daughter willingly, Bob puts a Company gun on the desk in front of Mohinder and tells him about Noah murdering Ivan Spektor. Disturbed by what Noah has done, Mohinder confesses his alliance with Noah and takes the Company gun after Bob tells him that Claire is the key to stopping the Shanti virus.

Cautionary Tales

After Sandra finds out about him abducting West Rosen years before, Noah shows her pictures of some of the series of eight, including the one of Mohinder pointing a Company gun. While Sandra wonders if this means that Mohinder will kill him, Noah says he doubts it as he knows Mohinder is a good man.

In a Costa Verde hotel room, Mohinder straps on his shoulder holster and is handed his gun by Elle as they prepare to go after Noah. In Noah's car, Mohinder tries to convince Noah to give the Company Claire so that they can use her blood to save Niki Sanders. When Noah refuses, Mohinder pulls his gun and forces Noah to drive him to the back of the high school where they meet Elle. As Elle prepares to blast Noah who is held at gunpoint by Mohinder, West Rosen flies into her and knocks her out. Noah takes the opportunity to attack Mohinder who aims his gun at him as in the painting. Recognizing the moment, Noah shoves away Mohinder's gun as it fires and overpowers him. Noah nearly shoot Mohinder with his own gun, but is stopped by West. Instead, Noah kicks Mohinder and walks away with the gun.

At the same time, Claire is visited at school by Bob Bishop. After realizing Bob is from the Company when he calls her by name, Claire runs home where Bob appears and holds a Company gun on Sandra and Claire. Noah later returns home to find that Bob had left Sandra tied up and abducted Claire.

In the Imperial Beach parking lot, Noah prepares to kill Bob when Mohinder shoots him through the left eye with a Company gun, killing him as depicted in the painting. Later, in the back of the Company van, Mohinder looks at his gun in contemplation.


After learning that Sylar's powers are gone due to the Shanti virus, Mohinder tries to attack Sylar with a knife only to have Sylar pull Mohinder's Company gun on him. When Maya starts using her power on them, Sylar threatens her with the gun to no effect until Molly comes in, affected by Maya's power as well, forcing Maya to stop to spare Molly's life.

Sylar leads Mohinder, Maya and Molly to Mohinder's lab and reminds them not to try anything as he has a gun. After Maya learns that Sylar murdered her brother, Sylar shoots and kills her then turns his gun on Mohinder, demanding Mohinder show him the cure. After Mohinder reveals he had it in his bag all along, Sylar tells Mohinder at gunpoint to use the blood to save Maya first and if it works, use it to save him.

After the blood resurrects Maya and ejects the bullet, Elle Bishop arrives and attacks Sylar with electricity. Sylar shoots at Elle and flees from her attack, saving Mohinder, Maya and Molly.

Graphic Novel:Elle's First Assignment, Part 2

At Zach's home, Noah Bennet backhands Elle with his gun.

Graphic Novel:Blindsided

In 2003, Mr. Bennet enters an abandoned plantation, shoots a chandelier, and incapacitates Howard Grigsby.

Graphic Novel:Trust Issues, Part 1

Thompson, Jr., Gael Cruz, and Devin fight Cushing with the Company's guns. Devin shoots Cushing dead.

The survivors place a gun in the hands of a dead Company agent to make it look like she shot Cushing.

Graphic Novel:Faces, Part 2

Penny's gun is one of the belongings she grabs when sneaking out of the motel room. Both Penny and Thompson, Jr. then head to the firing range and practice using their guns. Connie arrives, pointing her gun while walking through the door, and almost shoots Penny with it. Later, Thompson, Jr. holds a disguised Penny and the teleporter's girlfriend at gunpoint at Manuel Garcia's home.

Graphic Novel:Root and Branch, Part 1

Donna brings a gun with her to a bag and tag mission at an Australian locale.

Graphic Novel:Root and Branch, Part 2

In Utah, Sabine Hazel aims her gun at the man she thinks is Julien Dumont. She shoots him in the kneecaps, and then obliterates the duplicate's head.

Graphic Novel:Root and Branch, Part 3

As she escapes from Primatech Research, Sabine shoots a Company agent in the shoulder. In the Company parking garage, several Company agents fire at a decoy clone that Julien creates as a distraction. As Sabine and Julien are being chased by Donna and Thompson Jr. over a bridge that crosses the Bronx River, Donna uses her ability to aim for and shoot a tire of the SUV Sabine is driving.

Graphic Novel:Berlin, Part 1

Devin Patterson assembles a rifle with telescopic sight while on stakeout of a location he believes the German will soon show up at.

Graphic Novel:Berlin, Part 2

Devin unsuccessfully shoots his gun at the German.

Soon thereafter, Devin and Bianca enter Gael's hotel room aiming their guns at the German and Devin engages in a shoot-out with him.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 1

Sean Fallon and other members of his squad carry Company issued automatic rifles with them as they accompany Thompson Jr. and Donna on a mission to capture an evolved human by the name of Lewis.

Webisode:Going Postal, Part 1

Agent Howard pulls out his Company issued pistol, attempting to use it to scare Echo against fleeing. However, Echo just uses his ability again to collapse Howard to the ground and takes off running. The Constrictor then grabs Howard's gun and shoots a couple of rounds in Echo's direction. The Constrictor then fires a round point blank into Howard's head, who was lying on the ground in pain and bleeding from both ears.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 2

Sean Fallon and the rest of his team engage in a gun fight with Brendan Lewis. Lewis uses his power to kill Rosetti, Ballou and an unnamed squad member before Fallon unloads a full clip on Lewis, who was begging not to be taken back to the Company's labs.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 3

After Paulette Hawkins assists Brendan Lewis into covering a large crater with trees, Sean Fallon orders Joseph Gallagher to shoot her dead.

Graphic Novel:Hindsight

As Sabine escapes, Donna spies her from a great distance. Donna aims her gun at Sabine, but misses.

Gael Cruz uses his gun to interrogate Donna.

Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 1

Sabine uses her gun to threaten, interrogate, and hit one of Julien's clones. Later the clone uses his gun to shoot Connie's gun out of Sabine's hand.

Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 2

When an alarm goes off in Evs Dropper's cabin, Sabine readies her gun.

Later, while the Company tries to capture Evs Dropper, Thompson and Donna shoot at an army of clones. Donna double-crosses Thompson and pulls her gun on him.

The Butterfly Effect

After the murder of Bob Bishop, Elle hastily makes her way down to Level 5 where she releases Mr. Bennet from his cell, and throws to him a company gun informing him that "Sylar's in the building". He shoots Sylar with this gun eight times. Shortly afterwards, this particular gun is turned to gold by Sylar who obtained Bob's ability through killing him earlier on. Nonetheless, the gun is not used by Sylar, it is merely used to demonstrate his new ability to taunt Elle over her father's death, once he has done this, he simply discards the gun on the floor, before advancing upon Elle.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Armed with one of the Company's guns, Noah trains Claire in the Canfields' home. When Elle and Sylar barge in to take Claire, but realize that they have lost their abilities, Noah attacks Sylar. While distracted, Elle picks up the gun and aims for Noah. Claire takes the bullet, but doesn't heal.

The Eclipse, Part 2

Noah tracks Elle and Sylar down, after shooting Elle in the leg.

Our Father

Angela gives Peter a Company gun to kill Arthur with telling him to shoot Arthur through the head with it while The Haitian blocks Arthur's powers as a shot through the head prevents regeneration and will cause Arthur to die. Peter reluctantly takes the gun and he and The Haitian head to Pinehearst Headquarters. When they are confronted by security, Peter uses the gun to stop the guard long enough for The Haitian to knock him out. In Arthur's office the two have a confrontation where since Arthur's powers are blocked, Peter has a chance to use the gun to kill him. Arthur insults him and Peter finally shoots as Arthur regains his powers and slashes his face, but misses the bullet which is stopped in mid-air by Sylar who disarms Peter. Sylar ultimately lets the bullet go when he learns that Arthur is not his father and the bullet goes through his head, killing him. When Sylar sees Peter looking at the gun, he says Peter doesn't need it as he (Sylar) has no use for him and thus just leaves him alone.


When Nathan returns to Arthur's office, Peter has retrieved his gun and threatens Nathan with it. Nathan apparently convinces Peter to give the gun to him, but Peter knocks him out instead, tricking Nathan in order to get close to him. Planning to destroy the formula, Peter confronts Mohinder Suresh and holds him at gunpoint to stop him from injecting himself with the formula. After Daphne steals the formula for Ando to use, Mohinder knocks the gun from Peter's hand and attacks him before being stopped by Knox and Flint.

At Primatech, Sylar invades; Noah and Meredith, armed with a Company gun, look for Sylar. Sylar later takes the gun from her and empties all but one bullet from it before locking Noah and Meredith in a cell with the gun in an attempt to force Noah to kill Meredith. After Meredith weakens the glass window with heat, Noah attempts to use the gun to shatter it, but only succeeds in cracking it, allowing Claire to break the glass by diving through it.

Cold Wars

When Matt Parkman is looking through Noah Bennet's memories, he sees Bennet show Nathan Petrelli his storage unit which is filled with weapons, including Company guns.

Cold Snap

While in a changing room, Tracy Strauss opens the door and Noah appears. He threatens to shoot her, showing her his gun in its holster.

Brave New World

When Noah pulls a bag of his old stuff out of a hole in the wall of his house behind a painting, his old gun can be seen amongst his things.

During a struggle with Rene, Noah pulls out his old gun and they struggle over it, resulting in Rene being fatally shot. Noah puts down his gun as he questions Rene on why he tried to kill Noah and then picks it up again as he leaves.


Noah flashes back on killing Rene with his gun.

After hearing some shooting coming from Level 5, Noah travels there with his gun drawn but lowers it once he sees that the assailants are gone.

Under the Mask

Noah pulls his gun on Norris and demands to know why the staff of St. Jude's Hospital are looking for him. Norris explains that on June 13, 2014 Noah had put one of the guards in the hospital. Not remembering what he was doing at the hospital, Noah demands Norris show him the security footage at gunpoint. Noah keeps his gun on Norris as he sees that Claire apparently died in the hospital and Hiro Nakamura is apparently involved. When Quentin startles him, Noah nearly shoots him before they take off when the guards call Norris, demanding to know where he is.

In Renautas Headquarters, Noah draws his gun after making it inside. As Quentin distracts the guards, Noah pistol-whips one unconscious and demands the other drop his gun and surrender. Once he does, Noah pistol-whips him too.

The Needs of the Many

After Quentin catches Taylor Kravid's attention, Noah holds his gun on her and demands information on the Renautas research division and its security. Noah plants doubt into Taylor's mind about her mother's intentions and asks Taylor to question her mother on what she's doing.

Later, Taylor helps Noah and Quentin break into Renautas' research division and Noah pulls his gun once they get through the door. As they travel down the hallway, the three are confronted by three armed Harris clones and they and Noah enter into an armed standoff. Noah quietly orders his two companions to get on the ground when he tells them to and then shoots a fire extinguisher, using the vapor to blind the Harris clones. While the clones fire blindly, Noah is able to see enough to shoot and kill all three, causing them to turn into piles of salt.

After locating Molly Walker, Noah puts his gun into his pants as he tries to free her from E.P.I.C. Molly draws Noah close to her, then pulls his gun from his pants and holds it on him. After telling Noah that she can't stop Erica's plans, but she can stop her from forcing Molly to help her kill seven billion people. Telling Noah to "forget the past, save the future", Molly uses Noah's gun to shoot herself in the head, killing herself and deactivating E.P.I.C's global tracking system. Noah picks up the gun Molly dropped when she died and sadly flees with Quentin and Taylor before Renautas security can catch up to them.

The Lion's Den

Noah carries his gun as he, Taylor and Quentin flee Renautas security.

After Taylor lures Erica Kravid home, Noah steps out of hiding, holding his gun. Noah interrogates Erica for answers but when she refuses to tell him who he had his memory erased to protect, Noah threatens her with his gun only for Harris Prime to force him to put his gun down. Afterwards, Harris Prime picks up Noah's gun and examines it while talking with Erica. After Quentin knocks Harris Prime out, Noah retrieves his gun and goes after Erica and the two Harris clones with her, but fails to catch her.

Game Over

After Harris Prime helps them get into the Renautas Research Division, Noah has his ability negation system removed and instead keeps his gun on the man, threating to blow his head off if he tries to clone himself. As they make their way into the lower levels of the facility, Miko Otomo teleports in and attacks, knocking Noah's gun from his hand and allowing Harris Prime to flee. After talking Miko down, Noah retrieves his gun.

Upon arriving at the space-time bridge control room, Noah fires his gun in the air to scare Richard Schwenkman. After the scientists manning the bridge disappear through it, Noah demands to know what its for at gunpoint. When Richard refuses to explain, Noah shoots him in the foot. Noah threatens Richard with his gun as he tells him he can't release Hiro Nakamura from Evernow, but relents a little when Ren Shimosawa reveals that Miko can. Noah keeps his gun on Richard as he tauntingly claims its impossible for Miko to save Hiro.

When the elevator starts to descend again, Noah points his gun at the doors as does Quentin. When Harris emerges with two clones and Phoebe Frady, Noah flees rather than exchange gunfire with them. As they need to take out Phoebe and her power dampening, Noah decides to take out the clones with Miko's help to buy Quentin the time he needs. As one clone comes into the room, Noah hides, waits until the clone passes him and then shoots the clone in the back, killing him. Miko is then able to destroy the second clone with her sword.

June 13th, Part One

At the Odessa Unity Summit, Noah draws his gun when he and Hiro are in his old office and they hear footsteps approaching. Hiding in his secret room, Noah holds onto his gun as he listens to his past self and Erica Kravid discuss the security situation at the summit and Claire. After Erica has his past self taken away, Noah starts to follow him in order to rescue him before Hiro convinces him that the 2014 Noah will be alright since the 2015 Noah still exists. As Angela Petrelli arrives, Noah puts away his gun to talk to her.

After spotting Erica on TV outside the hospital shortly after the bombing, Noah chases her through St. Jude's Hospital, fitting his gun with a silencer in order to kill her. As Noah takes aim at Erica, his past self runs after him to stop him.

June 13th, Part Two

Making his way through St. Jude's Hospital on June 13, 2014, the future Noah equips his gun with a silencer and takes aim at Erica Kravid. However, as Noah shoots, his past self tackles him to the ground and Noah shoots Erica in the leg instead of killing her. The two Noah's duck into a nearby room as security comes and the 2015 Noah removes his gun's silencer. As he explains that his attempt on Erica's life was unplanned, Noah inadvertently waves his gun around. Noticing this, he puts the gun away.

After tracking Hiro's powers to a house in Odessa with Molly Walker's help, Noah pulls out his gun as he wonders why Hiro would be at the house instead of the hospital. When an older Hiro answers the door before Noah can ring the doorbell, Noah lowers his gun and smiles at his old friend.

In the house, a Harris clone enters and takes Nathan hostage as Noah draws his gun and enters a stand-off with him. Noah signals Nathan who teleports the clone across the room. Once the clone is safely away from Nathan and has emerged from the teleport, Noah shoots him dead.

Upon his return to 2015, Noah loses his gun in the pile of dirt he landed on and has to go dig it out again.

Its later shown that due to Noah shooting Erica while time traveling, he changed the future slightly as it allowed Quentin Frady to find her before they met while he was working with Noah. As a result, Quentin was led to his sister and convinced to join Erica's cause as a spy for her.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

As the lights at St. Peter's Hospital start to shatter, Noah draws his gun and aims it at Phoebe Frady as she comes around the corner with a ball of darkness. However, Quentin betrays him due to Noah's changes to time making him a Renautas spy and holds Tommy at gunpoint to force Noah to put down his gun. Quentin and Phoebe leave with Tommy and Phoebe takes Noah's gun from him and takes it with her as she goes.


  • The guns have been customized with at least a custom slide, a double-stack rail frame, and an SV IMM Open pistol extended compensator barrel. The level of customization makes the guns quite unique and recognizable. SVI originally made these pistols at the request of Michael Mann for the 2006 film Miami Vice. The cost to have one of these pistols replicated is $5200.
  • The M1911 was the standard-issue U.S. Armed Forces side arm from 1911 to 1985. The 1911 design has been revived and modernized and is currently being produced by several companies, including Strayer Voigt, Inc., STI International, and Smith & Wesson, as well as countless boutique outfits.
  • Most of the major characters of Heroes have carried or used these guns at least once including Mohinder Suresh, Claire Bennet, Rene, Isaac Mendez, Matt Parkman, Peter Petrelli and Noah Bennet.
  • In Out of Time, the gun is referred to as "a Company gun" by Noah Bennet when asking if Mohinder Suresh had been issued one. He also called them "Company issue."
  • During Volume Two, Noah Bennet does not use a Company gun when wielding a weapon. Instead, he uses a different smaller pistol. Noah is only seen with a Company gun briefly when he disarms Mohinder of one and then threatens him with it. During the later confrontation in the same episode, Noah has switched back to using his other pistol. Volume Two is the only volume where Noah is not seen with his usual gun.
  • While working for Building 26 instead of the Company, Noah Bennet uses his Company gun as his sidearm.
  • Given Noah Bennet's propensity to use a Company gun even when he's not working for the Company such as when he worked for Building 26 and during Heroes Reborn, he seems to have adopted his Company gun as his personal weapon as well as his work weapon.
  • While many characters carried these guns in the original series, only Noah Bennet still carries one in the miniseries.
  • After he retired, Noah kept his old Company gun hidden in a hole in his home's wall in a bag of his old things. When he went back to his old life, he took up his old gun as well.
  • In Heroes Reborn, the grip on Noah's old Company gun seems to be of a different color than previously seen on the guns.
  • Noah Bennet's most common method of harming his victims is threatening or otherwise harming them with a Company gun.
  • In June 13th, Part One, Noah fits his Company gun with a silencer in order to shoot Erica Kravid.
  • In June 13th, Part Two, Noah changes the past slightly by shooting Erica Kravid in the leg with his Company gun. His intent was to kill her but he was stopped by his past self. The shooting led to Quentin Frady meeting Erica much earlier than he did in the original timeline and thus joining her side as a spy rather than truly working with Noah. It also restores Quentin to life in the present after Noah returns from 2014.


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