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Harry's Used Cars

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Harry's Used Cars
Kate visits Noah at Harry's Used Cars.
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Purpose: Selling used cars

Harry's Used Cars is where Noah worked, selling previously owned cars on to other people.

Notable Employees

Notable Visitors


The Wall

Noah Bennet works as a car salesman and tries to sell a car to a young couple. When the couple say they cannot afford it, Noah advises them to go to another car lot further down the road. Kate Bennet, his wife, sneaks up behind him and surprises him. They joke and laugh, after which Kate tells Noah she is pregnant.

Later, after Kate's death, Noah sells a car to another couple by pressuring them into buying, telling them that he has another customer waiting to buy it. The couple agree and Noah welcomes Thompson, asking him if he is interested in buying a car. Thompson tells him that he is looking to recruit Noah, given how he was able to track down certain people.

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