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Copy Kingdom Headquarters

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Copy Kingdom Headquarters
Lauren Shapiro sits outside Copy Kingdom Headquarters.
Location: San Jose, CA
Purpose: To sell paper

The headquarters of the paper company Copy Kingdom is located in San Jose, CA.

Notable Employees

Notable Visitors


Webisode:Nowhere Man, Part 1

Eric Doyle has applied to the headquarters of Copy Kingdom. He hates his job, but mostly his new boss. Though he quite fond of Kyle's girlfriend Lauren Shapiro. Dilman realizes this and taunts him with it.

Webisode:Nowhere Man, Part 2

At work, Doyle approaches Kyle Dilman, his boss. He makes a final attempt to appear professional and expresses his hope that Kyle will write a statement of character for his case. Kyle, however, infers that he may help him out, but Doyle must now complete a long list of errands by the end of the day. At night, Doyle has finally completed the list of tasks. He enters Kyle's office to show he completed the list and interrupts an argument between his boss and Lauren Shapiro. When his boss tells Doyle to get out (saying that it's "not a good time"), Lauren tells Kyle to stay calm. However, Kyle lashes out at Lauren and tells her to shut up. Doyle's power consumes him and he makes Kyle hit himself in the head with the golf club. Kyle slumps onto the floor, and Lauren watches in shock. Doyle utters, "Oh crap".

Webisode:Nowhere Man, Part 4

Outside Copy Kingdom in Lauren Shapiro's car, Lauren is afraid to see Kyle again. "Jason" comes knocking on her door, holding a coffee mug. She tells him of a video message Kyle has sent her, and shares her fears of it being threats or other unpleasant slurs from Kyle. Jason suggests to her that Kyle might try to apologize. Lauren agrees, and watches the video, only to see a remorseful Kyle asking for forgiveness for his actions, and reveals to her that he quit his job. Lauren then asks Jason about his coffee mug, and he explains that he did not get the statement of character from Kyle. Lauren says she herself has friends in the office that asked for the statement, and declares they both have reasons to celebrate.

Graphic Novel:Starting Over

Doyle recounts how Samuel came to visit him at his office and offering him a tour of the carnival.

Heroes Evolutions

The Puppet Master

In chapter 1 of The Puppet Master, Doyle continues to work at the Copy Kingdom Headquarters, and has even been promoted. While attempting to find some files, his boss calls him into his office. He tells him he is being transferred, which upsets Doyle, and he forces Mr. Vervoort to stab himself in the leg.

In chapter 3 of The Puppet Master, Doyle works at the Headquarters when Marilyn asks him where Lauren is. Doyle replies that they had a fight last night and he hasn't seen her since. Samuel then appears, offering Doyle a break from his mundane office work and a complete tour of the Sullivan Bros. Carnival.

In chapter 4 of The Puppet Master, Doyle calls Samuel from the Copy Kingdom Headquarters parking lot.


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