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Location: Tokyo, Japan
Purpose: Recreation
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Hiro and Ando find themselves in a Bowl-A-Rama in Tokyo.

Notable Visitors


It's Coming

Hiro and Ando suddenly find themselves not in Botswana anymore, but in a bowling alley in Tokyo. Hiro gets excited that they serve his favorite kind of waffles: American style chicken and waffles. Ando works with Hiro to help him rediscover his powers. Soon, Hiro is able to stop time. When he does so, he plays several practical jokes on patrons of the bowling alley, including making sure Ando's waffles are ruined, and pointing a boy and girl's spitballs at each other. Hiro then teleports to Sam's Comics, and takes Ando with him.


  • The chicken and waffle sign Hiro sees says the name and location of the bowling alley: 東京ボウル エー ラマ. This means "Tokyo Bowl-A-Rama".

Miscellaneous Businesses edit

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