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Yamagato Tower

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Yamagato Tower
Yamagata Tower.jpg
Location: Tokyo, Japan

The Yamagato Tower is a building now run by Renautas.

Notable Employees

Notable Visitors


Brave New World

Yamagato Tower can be seen through the window at Miko Otomo's apartment.


In the Bandit City area of Evernow, bandits drag Hachiro Otomo towards Yamagato Tower. Though Miko rescues him before he reaches the tower, Hachiro tells her they can't leave yet. He is then suddenly sucked upwards into the tower.

In the real world, Miko recognizes the real Yamagato Tower as the place from Evernow. She travels to the tower in the game guided by Ren Shimosawa but is approached by a massive group of bandits. Outnumbered, Miko teleports back to the real world but instead of returning to her apartment as she had previously done, Miko teleports into the real Yamagato Tower. The surprised security guards engage Miko who begins fighting them off.

Under the Mask

Miko teleports into Yamagato Tower where the guards demand her surrender. When one of them tries to take her sword, Miko fights back. Miko fights off a massive wave of guards until Harris Prime steps in. Armed with a baton, he defeats Miko and takes the sword from her, saying the sword doesn't belong to her.

Erica Kravid meets with the board of Renautas in the tower, telling them that as governments become more and more polarized, they must rely on themselves to find solutions to the dire problems humanity faces. Erica tells the CEOs that they unveil E.P.I.C the next day and she expects it to be revolutionary for the entire world. One of the CEOs warns her that they can make any modifications she needs but they need E.P.I.C's processor back online. Erica tells him that they have retrieved the lost piece and the processor will be back online in time for the launch.

After Harris arrives, Erica ends the meeting and Harris tells her about how Miko caused a scene in the lobby and was carrying Hiro Nakamura's sword. Erica is surprised to hear that the woman claims to be Hachiro Otomo's daughter and orders Harris to keep her in their custody until they can figure things out and then "take care of it."

Ren arrives at Yamagato Tower, using a picture of the tower from Evernow to confirm its the right place. In the lobby, Ren is stunned to find the security guards being treated for their altercation with Miko Otomo and spots Erica and Harris approaching, carrying Miko's sword. Ren takes a picture of them with his phone and listens in as Harris tells Erica they will land in Midian at 7:00pm and that "it" should be online by then. Ren gets worried when Harris tells Erica that they are holding Miko in the main conference room and Erica orders him to do whatever it takes to get answers from her. Ren grows more worried when Harris tells Erica that she didn't hire him for his restraint and is briefly noticed by Harris as he moves away from them. Ren purposefully bumps into a Yamagato employee and steals her pass to get further into the building. He eventually reaches the right level through the elevator and dodges a few guards with the help of his camera phone, two of whom discuss Miko and her sword.

In the main conference room, Miko makes origami when Harris enters and demands to know where she got the Kensei sword. Miko tells him that her father gave it to her and Harris asks if she means Hachiro Otomo. When she confirms it, Harris shows her security footage of her sudden appearance in the lobby. Harris asks Miko if she has her father's ability or if she's just his best work. When Miko is confused, Harris goes on to ask her if she doesn't remember the accident and "the death" and then opens a briefcase and pulls out some knives to use to torture her. However, as he starts to use a meat cleaver on her, Ren hears her screams and yells out to her, distracting Harris and allowing Miko the chance to cut off his hand, overpower him and escape. As Ren and Miko flee, Harris' hand grows back and a clone grows out of the cut-off one.

As they flee the tower, Miko tells Ren that the people in the tower still have her sword without which she can't save her father. However, Ren stops her just outside and tells her that he knows who has it and shows her the picture he took of Erica. Ren tells Miko that Erica is going to Midian, Colorado in America so Miko declares they must go there next and the two take off again, leaving the tower behind.

Game Over

Guided by Ren, Miko returns to the Yamagato Tower of Evernow as it was the last place she saw her father. Ren notes that while in the tower, Miko has reached another level of the game as the view outside of the tower's windows is different. At the top of Yamagato Tower, Miko locates what appears to be her father, but he tells her he is just a creation of her father meant to guide her on her true mission. The Hachiro construct shows Miko the Eternal Fortress through the tower window and tells her that her true mission is to rescue the prisoner inside, "the Master of Time and Space." After Richard Schwenkman cloaks the Fortress, the Hachiro construct disappears from the tower, telling Miko she has to complete her mission alone.

June 13th, Part One

The day of the Odessa Unity Summit, Hachiro Otomo visits Hiro Nakamura in Hiro's office, imprisons Hiro in Evernow while showcasing it on his own laptop, then closes his laptop and takes the Kensei sword from where Hiro had stored it before leaving.


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