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Biological warfare compound

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Biological warfare compound
Location: Iran
Purpose: Holding biological warfare

A United States Special Forces squad is assigned to destroy a biological warfare compound in Iran.

Notable Locations

  • A basement holding area
  • A chemical tank room
  • An entrance room
  • A hospital ward
  • A mess hall
  • An office

Notable Employees

  • A couple men wearing lab coats and masks

Notable Residents

  • A caged man that slowly bends a metal cage
  • A girl Rachel rescues from being tortured

Notable Visitors


Heroes Evolutions

The Private

In chapter 2 of The Private, Rachel Mills is taken from a pit outside the compound to inside one of the buildings where there is a mess hall. She is placed on the bare floor of the mess hall and questioned by Harry, who uses the only chair in the room.

Later, a Special Forces lieutenant, Sam, informs Rachel Mills and Jim after they escape that his squad has been monitoring the nearby compound they escaped from for some time. He continues that the facility appears to be doing some kind of heavy duty research and development. The lieutenant guesses it is biological warfare, except more experimental stuff, noting that more people seem to come out than go in and that it's not too clear how much of it is official government stuff. Sam adds that they know that almost every major terrorist figure in the region has been through the facility in the last couple months, and that they are lucky to be alive. The officer continues that his squad has been ordered to destroy the facility.

In chapter 3 of The Private, Sam's squad is killed attempting to enter through the front door of the facility, so Rachel takes some of Sam's gear and heads inside following a man in a lab coat through a secret door that appears only as an outline in the building's metal siding. Rachel arrives in a small, dark entrance room and grabs the man, who looks possibly Indian to her, as he attempts to pass through an inner door. She takes his gun, then gets him to admit he speaks English. Rachel asks him about the facility, but only gets from him that he is only a helper and she shouldn't be there. She then forces the man at gunpoint to lead her through the inner door.

They finding the next room also dark, as though the power is out. Even though she is wearing a mask, Rachel smells an overpowering odor of rot and chemicals. She finds a giant metal cylinder with hazard and no-smoking warnings painted on it, and she see pipes running out of it into the walls. Ahead, Rachel sees a glass door into what looks to her like a hospital ward, except that it is built from warped plywood and concrete and metal instruments glitter in black buckets of liquid. Her hostage points to a steel door down the hall and says it is the main office.

Rachel gets him to take her inside the office. She finds the office has a small desk, low ceiling and dozens of filing cabinets. Files are open on the desk, along with piles of photographs, and Rachel studies them to make sense of things. Rachel notes that the images show what used to be people, but all of them had either been been deformed, contorted, enlarged, reduced, or discolored. To Rachel, some of them appear blackened and torn by some kind of internal explosion. Rachel asks what happened, but her hostage just says they had problems. She asks him if there are people alive in the building, and he notes that they are not people. Rachel gets the man to search the files for a folder with her name on it, which he finds and gives to her. She finds the file empty and discusses what that means with her hostage. Then, they hear the rumbling of trucks getting close outside.

In chapter 4 of The Private, Rachel heads to a medical ward where she hears weird moaning that sounds like a girl in distress. She spots her laying in a tangle of wires and tubes. The girl appears to be about Rachel's age, light-skinned, but Rachel cannot tell her nationality. As Rachel gets closer, she can see that her "table" is a tray, half-full of a blue-ish chemical that is being pumped in through a tube like a garden hose. Her arms and legs were swollen, bulging, as if full of liquid. The girl has IVs in both arms with her eyes half-open, though she appears to be unconscious to Rachel.

Rachel frees the girl, but gets attacked by her. The girl is extremely powerful and overtakes Rachel faster than she thought possible. Men from outside then came into the ward and the girl turned on them before she seriously hurts Rachel. While the girl is fighting them, Rachel takes the opportunity to escape and runs out of the facility.


  • The compound is compromised of several buildings, one of which contains a mess hall. It is not clear as to whether or not the mess hall is in the main compound building or is in a separate structure.
  • Rachel Mills and Jim are initially held in a pit just outside the compound before they escape.
  • The compound does not appear to be affiliated with the Iranian army or government.
  • If Rachel Mills chooses to travel alone to the hospital ward area in chapter 3, she notices the ward has its own smell--somewhat like antifreeze but with a burnt-after scent. If she begins to try and rescue her by pulling out the IVs, the girl breaks the metal straps restraining her and makes her way onto the floor. The girl moves faster than Rachel thought possible and snaps her limbs like whips. One snap of the girl's limbs sends Rachel into a table, sending chemicals flying and surgical tools spraying around her. After collapsing to the ground, Rachel sits up and hears a screeching coming from the man that Rachel had knocked out in the entrance room, only he is now hiding behind a table in this ward.
  • In chapter 3, Rachel also has the option to pull the hose attached to the girl instead of the IVs. The girl dies and Rachel encounters a second man in a lab coat whose accent Rachel does not recognize. He claims that the chemical being used is a randomly mutative, highly-flammable gasoline additive and they are using the chemical on their captives to see what would happen.
  • If Rachel chooses to travel downstairs instead of the office and hospital ward, she arrives in a basement that contains mostly dead bodies of people who had been deformed, contorted, enlarged, reduced, or discolored. Some appear blackened and torn by an internal explosion, but all of them are in cages. Some of the people look like they died in the cages; and if Rachel chooses to go further inside, she finds a man alive who looks very small due to malnutrition and has solid black eyeballs. The man is laying on his back, hanging on the bars on the top of the cage, and he is slowly bending them.


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