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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
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Hiro often references JoJo's Bizarre Adventure in his blog.

First reference: Hiro's blog
"JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" on Wikipedia

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a series of Japanese manga, anime, and video games. The characters have Stands or supernatural powers. A few characters, including Jotaro Kujo and Dio Brando, have time manipulation.



During the Battle of Twelve Swords, Hiro uses Dio's battle cry (muda, muda).

The Butterfly Effect

After Hiro takes Daphne's medal, Daphne runs back and forth to grab the ribbon from Hiro, but he teleports away before she can reach him. He taunts her with Dio's battle cry (muda muda).

Heroes Evolutions

  • In his blog post "Late Again", Hiro lists his favorite manga as "Jojo's Bizzare Adventures". He also says, "I want to be like Jojo and Van and go on an adventure. I want to have a stand or can cast magic. I want to save the world."
  • In the post "I KNEW IT!!!", Hiro says, "My favorite Jojo part is definitely the Joutaro adventures. I especially liked his encounters with the D'arby brothers, the moment when he realizes Star Platinum's real powers, and when Joseph was resurrected, and answered "Al Yankovic" to prove he's not Dio. XD"
  • In the post "Let It Ride", Hiro reflects on saving a Japanese schoolgirl and says, "My own Star Platinum's The World!" He then says, "I just hope I don't hit a peak at 5 seconds like Jotaro."
  • In the post "Mudslide", Hiro says, "I think I can release the time freeze when I want. It seems to be pretty stable and haven't felt any side effects yet. However, I don't think I can hold it more than 20 sec. Jojo was wrong! I'm definitely getting better but it's a long road to becoming a master." Later he says, "I hope that Mr. Isaku, also known as Jojo's Boingo, gets my message soon. Maybe he's deliberately not taking my messages."
  • Hiro signs the post "Bound by Death and Luck" as "Jotaro Kujo".
  • Hiro signs the post "To Flower" as "Jotaro Kujo".
  • In the post "For Fun", Hiro lists a crossword puzzle clue as "Germanic relationship, Susie Q and Jojo", to which the answer is "Oma". Another clue reads "The World", to which the answer is "Dio". He signs the post "Jotaro Kujo".
  • Hiro signs the post "Final Message" as "Jotaro Kujo".

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