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Battle of Twelve Swords

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Battle of Twelve Swords
12 swords.jpg
Hiro, as Takezo Kensei, stands akimbo after disarming 11 opponents.

First mentioned: Sword Saint
Date of event: 1671
Location: Otsu, Japan

Hiro, posing as Takezo Kensei, fights in the "Battle of Twelve Swords", saving Yaeko from twelve attackers by using his powers to disarm them.

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Hiro, having taken an inebriated Takezo Kensei's armor and horse, searches for Yaeko. When he finds her, Yaeko is defending herself against a number of Whitebeard's men with Kensei's sword, accusing them of not being worthy of the title "Samurai." The leader tells Yaeko that he needs her father, but doesn't need her. Hiro, dressed as Takezo Kensei, calls out to the men demanding that they leave Yaeko alone. The leader asks Hiro how he can boast of his swordsmanship when he doesn't even have a sword. Hiro tells him that Takezo Kensei doesn't need a sword because he has all of theirs. He uses his ability to stop time and take all the swords from the men. The men take aim with their bows and Hiro laughs and tells them they shouldn't. The men begin to wonder why "Takezo Kensei" continues to refer to himself in the third-person, but before they can shoot their arrows, Hiro stops time again and takes their bows as well. He taunts them, suggesting they leave before he takes their clothes next. The men run off, Hiro yelling a suggestion that they refer to this as "The Battle of Twelve Swords."

Yaeko, believing Hiro to be Takezo, thanks him. Hiro asks Yaeko to ride back with him.

Heroes Evolutions

Sword Saint

In Chapter 1, "The Battle of the Twelve Swords", Professor Donna Dorn explains that White Beard has turned Japan from its most prosperous time to its bloodiest. Expecting an easy victory, she says, he marches to Otsu with only a small company of men. He is met by Takezo Kensei, who saves the people of Otsu, in what later became known as the Battle of Twelve Swords.

In Chapter 2, "The Trial of the Fire Scroll", the year documented is 1671. Takezo Kensei is the one man standing in White Beard's way of conquering all of Japan since the Battle of Twelve Swords.


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