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Real Las Vegas Police Department.JPG
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Purpose: Law enforcement
First appearance Hiros
Known members: LVPD detective, LVPD detective, LVPD deputy
Affiliated sites: LVPD precinct
Equipment used: Guns

The Las Vegas Police Department (LVPD) is the local agency responsible for the enforcement of law in the city of Las Vegas.


Graphic Novel:Snapshots

In Las Vegas, NV, D.L. Hawkins sits in the interrogation room of the Las Vegas Police Department. An LVPD detective shows D.L pictures of the crime scene, his crew, and his family. When the detective makes derisive comments about Niki, D.L. releases himself from his handcuffs and knocks the man to the ground. Other officers quickly subdue the suspect.


Officers from the Las Vegas Police Department are sent to stake out to the Sanderses' home after D.L. escapes from jail. A detective questions Niki about her husband and gives her updates.

Better Halves

The LVPD deputy hears noises from Niki's home and knocks to make sure she's okay. She seems out of sorts, and he tells her to nod if she wants him to come in, but she tells him she's just tired, and he returns to his squad car.


  • In reality, Las Vegas's police force is called the "Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department" and the LVPD deputy has "LVMPD" on his uniform. However, Heroes credited the role as "LVPD deputy".

See Also

  • LVPD precinct - The precinct D.L. Hawkins is brought to after being falsely arrested for murdering his crew.

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