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Linderman's money

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Linderman's money
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Following her alter-ego's instructions, Niki Sanders finds the money in her attic.

First mentioned: Don't Look Back
Owned by: Mr. Linderman
Current status: Used by Aron Malsky to purchase the diamonds.

Jessica and D.L.'s crew steal $2 million of Linderman's money.


One Giant Leap

Niki claims D.L. robbed Mr. Linderman of 2 million dollars and then killed his own crew. Paulette Hawkins and Micah remain convinced that D.L. is innocent.

Better Halves

D.L. tells Niki that he had backed out of the robbery he had planned, but that someone who knew the plans took over, killed his crew, and framed him for it. He tells her that he has a lead, a money launderer who was contacted by a woman with the missing money.

That night, while D.L. sleeps, Niki's alter-ego leaves the house.

The next day, D.L. and Niki arrive at the money launderer to find everyone torn to pieces. Niki confesses to D.L. that she's seen the same thing before when she found Linderman's thugs dead in her garage.

Niki's alter ego later confronts her and admits that she stole the money, framed D.L., and murdered D.L.'s crew, Linderman's thugs and the money launderers. She tells her that D.L. will take the money and Micah and leave her when he finds out. Niki finally succumbs and retrieves the money from her attic, but D.L. catches her in the act. Niki's alter-ego takes over and fights D.L., displaying enormous strength, but he uses his powers on her, forcing his phased hand through her abdomen to strangle her. She collapses to the ground, and he leaves with Micah and the money.

Graphic Novel:Stolen Time

In a flashback, Jessica Sanders steals 2 million dollars with D.L.'s crew from Linderman's sports book in Primm, Nevada. She breaks into the safe by ripping the door off the safe. The crew discuss what they want to buy with the money: Itchy wants a room at the Hard Rock with a bowling alley and a pool; Warren wants a Hummer and a Baby Hummer; Taylor wants to invest in a plastics company. Jessica tells the crew she plans to use her share of the money for private school tuition. Jessica then takes the money to an office, where the money launderer says he will launder the money in six months. When Jessica threatens to tear him in half, he says it will take a year for her to see the money.


When Jessica fires at D.L., he manages to escape with Micah and the money. After Niki turns herself in to the police, D.L. and Micah take the money and continue to evade the authorities.


D.L. returns the money to a representative of Mr. Linderman, and asks if that will be the last contact they have with each other. The representative says that is not the case; Linderman will demand a service from D.L. at some later date.


Matt learns that Aron Malsky has kept the money for himself when he received it from D.L.. Malsky is fleeing Las Vegas and hires Matt as a bodyguard while he uses the money to purchase diamonds at a jewelry shop in Los Angeles. Unfortunately for Aron, the purchase arrangement is a trap.


  • All the money found in Niki's attic says "For motion picture use only". Each bill also appears to have the same serial number — G3 00005967 T.


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