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Mazinger robots

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Mazinger robots
Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger.

First reference: One Giant Leap
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Mazinger robots are featured in Mazinger (マジンガ), a manga series by Go Nagai.


Mazinger Z is the first manga in the series, released in 1972. It features a mecha robot (also called Mazinger Z) piloted by Kouji Kabuto in battle against Dr. Hell's Mechanical Beasts. Following Mazinger Z in 1974 is Great Mazinger, which features an even more powerful robot in the title role. This time, Tetsuya Tsurugi pilots the robot against the Warrior Beasts.


One Giant Leap

Hiro rescues the Japanese schoolgirl from a truck which has just hit a table full of Mazinger robots.

Better Halves

Micah keeps a Mazinger robot toy on top of the dresser in his room.


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