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Montecito Casino

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Montecito Casino
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Purpose: Casino

The Montecito Casino is a casino operated by Mr. Linderman in Las Vegas, NV.

Notable Locations

Notable Employees

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Hiro and Ando arrive in Las Vegas, and Ando's attention is quickly caught by the Montecito Casino; he wants to go gambling. Niki and Micah are at the same casino, and are escorted upstairs to visit Miss Sakamoto. Nathan bumps into Niki, and they go to Nathan's room. Later, as Niki is waiting for the elevator, Jessica takes control. One of Linderman's lackeys grabs her, but Jessica retaliates. That night, as Niki and Nathan sleep fastly in bed together, Mr. Bennet approaches. He tells the Haitian to "just take the one."


Miss Sakamoto shows Niki a blackmail tape and tells her that her debt is discharged. Hiro and Ando retrieve their rental car. and phone Peter Petrelli from the parking garage. After escaping Mr. Bennet and the Haitian, Nathan returns to the casino to check out, and confronts Sakamoto about Mr. Linderman's contribution to his campaign.

Better Halves

Before they can leave the parking garage, Hiro and Ando are (again) abducted by the high roller. After escaping an attack by Jessica, they once again return to the parking garage, and finally leave Las Vegas eastward bound.


Hiro and Ando return to the Montecito looking for Mr. Linderman, but they find a show girl crying instead. Disguised as hotel employees, they break into Steve Gustavson's room to retrieve the showgirl's bag for Hope. Hiro, having oveheard Hope's lies in her dressing room, is locked inside a closet.

One of Us, One of Them

When Micah tells his computer to cross reference information about Tracy and Niki, one of the items that returns is a receipt from the Montecito.



  • The fictional Montecito Casino which Hiro and Ando explore is the primary setting of the television show Las Vegas, also on NBC.

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