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Nathan's campaign

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Nathan's campaign
Campaign postcard.jpg
Heidi Petrelli selects a postcard design for Nathan's campaign.

First mentioned: Genesis
Date of event: Elected to office on November 7, 2006
Location: New York, NY

Nathan Petrelli is campaigning to represent New York (the 14th District) in the U.S. House of Representatives.



As Peter rides in a cab, he looks over a bus, which has a Vote for Petrelli advertisement on it. In Isaac's apartment, there is a commercial for Nathan on the TV.

When Peter tells Nathan he thinks he can fly, Nathan says that he is 8 points behind in the polls and can't afford his family to act insane. Later, Nathan calls his lawyers to try to cover up his mother's shoplifting attempt.

Don't Look Back

When Eden and Mohinder play Chandra's phone messages, they listen to a campaign message from Nathan requesting votes.

In the future, Detective Furakowa shows Hiro a newspaper to prove it is November 8th. The headline says that Nathan won the election by a landslide.

One Giant Leap

To help his campaign, Nathan holds a campaign rally, where he says that Peter jumped off a building because he is suicidal.

Graphic Novel:Trial By Fire

Nathan walks around New York City, passing some of his campaign posters. Later, after he saves a girl from a fire, he gives the girl his coat which has a "Vote for Petrelli" button on it. The girl's mother then comments, "I was going to vote for the other guy."


Nathan goes to Las Vegas to ask Mr. Linderman for $2 million for his campaign.


Miss Sakamoto tells Nathan about the tape they made of him and Niki the night before. She mentions it would be detrimental to his campaign. Nathan uses Linderman's interest in him as a ploy to up the amount from $2 million to $4 million. She gives him the $4 million dollars.

Nothing to Hide

Nathan asks his wife and mother about designs for postcards. Heidi jokes that Nathan is going to use Linderman's $4 million on postcards. Angela says that she invited a reporter for the New York Journal to have brunch with them and interview Nathan. Nathan is reluctant, but Heidi reminds him he is down in the polls, so he agrees. Later, when Peter shows up, Nathan tells him he wasn't invited because he could ruin the interview and, ultimately, the election for him. Contrary to Nathan's feelings, Peter saves Nathan when the reporter asks Nathan why he was in Las Vegas with a blonde. Peter cites his recent psychological problems.


In one of Peter's dreams, Nathan approaches a volatile Peter. Behind Nathan are campaign posters.


As Claude is telling Peter that he is too connected to "his people", he points to one of Nathan's campaign posters and asks how Peter can look at that face and not punch it every time he sees it.


Nathan gives Meredith $100,000 to keep quiet about his illegitimate daughter.


Nathan tells Agents Quesada and Alonzo that he is still four points behind in the polls. Later, Nathan meets with Mr. Linderman in the kitchen of the Corinthian Casino. Linderman tells Nathan he will cinch the Congressional campaign for him, and that he will be in the White House two years from now.

Graphic Novel:War Buddies, Part 1

On the television at Le Bar, Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News reports on Nathan's campaign. Casey awkwardly tries to make small talk with Hana about Nathan's campaign.

Graphic Novel:War Buddies, Part 6

Hana learns that Nathan's campaign is being rigged by Linderman. She puts out a "call to arms" message to stop it.


Linderman and Nathan discusses the campaign at length. Linderman tells Nathan that he will be a force for good when the explosion occurs. When he proves a strong leader, the country will vote for Nathan as the next President. Linderman confirms this with a painting of Nathan in the Oval Office. Later, Sylar paints a similar scene.

At Angela's home, Nathan's mother tells Nathan to "hide" Peter's death until after the campaign is over. Later, Nathan tells Claire that he will spend time with her after the elections. In the meantime, he wants her to go to Paris.

Five years in the future, Hiro and Ando see a string web with a newspaper clipping that reports Nathan was a "strength in dark times" during his time in office.

Five Years Gone

Nathan is seen to have become president five years after the explosion, but it is revealed that Sylar had killed him a long time ago, and pretended to be him with Candice's ability.

The Hard Part

Angela and Nathan want Claire to leave New York until the election is over.

D.L. finds a note about Petrelli and election day on Linderman's calender.

In his office, Nathan tells Angela that he is working on his speech.


As Nathan worries about his trailing poll numbers, he also struggles with what he is being asked to do by Linderman. Linderman attempts to consolidate Nathan's conviction by imparting a surprising gift: he heals Heidi and cures her lower limb paralysis.

As Hiro runs into Nathan, Nathan thanks everyone for their support.

Candice takes Micah to a polling place. She disguises herself as a voter and introduces Micah to a poll worker as her son. In the voting booth, she asks Micah to alter the votes electronically to give Nathan Petrelli a landslide victory and the votes for Nathan rapidly increase.

D.L. and Jessica track down Nathan in his office. Nathan looks at the television and discovers that he won the election with 64% of the votes. Later, Nathan wins the election and in his official victory address, delivers a poignant speech; "they call it a landslide," he proudly announces. He also used Linderman's theme that the world was spinning out of control and in need of healing.

Graphic Novel:The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 1

As Hana heads for a New York City nightclub, a taxi cab behind her boasts a campaign ad.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Nathan watches a recording of his speech.

Graphic Novel:On the Lam

Linderman asks Brian to help him alter the results in favor of Nathan Petrelli, who is running for Congress. Brian works on this from his office, which is full of Nathan's campaign paraphernalia. After his attempt to do so is foiled, Brian flees his office. However, Nathan still manages to get elected for a different reason.

Our Father

The Ditko dispatcher wears a "Vote Petrelli" sticker on his helmet.

The Fifth Stage

Whilst on the roof of a tall building, Peter asks "Nathan" if he remembers why they were last up there and asks what Nathan said to him. Nathan tells him it was "election year" and denial was the go-to.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

Quentin Frady creates a board that includes an ad for Nathan's campaign.

Heroes Evolutions

The website displays the campaign information for Nathan Petrelli's run for United States Congress, his victory message, and later his resignation announcement.

Hana's website

Hana Gitelman and her contacts stop Linderman's plan to alter the results in favor of Nathan Petrelli in the NYC Congressional election.

Memorable Quotes

"Do not pull a Roger Clinton on me, man. I'm eight points down in the polls."

- Nathan (to Peter) (Genesis)

"Yes, I know you! Nathan Petrelli Election. You win! Very big win! Land-o slide-o."

- Hiro (to Nathan) (Hiros)

"Two million dollars makes me a candidate in your pocket. Four million makes me a congressman."

- Nathan (to Miss Sakamoto) (Hiros)

"I can offer you more than just information, Nathan. You're gonna win your election. I'll see to that. And two years from now, through a series of fluke circumstances, you will find yourself in the White House. A heartbeat away from the presidency. A life of meaning, Nathan. Think about it. The choice is yours."

- Mr. Linderman (to Nathan) (Parasite)


  • Nathan's campaign website is
  • reports that Nathan is running for the 30th District, not the 14th.
  • Nathan's competitors in the Congressional race are Dena Allen, a business owner (who gets 31% of the vote); Daniel Doyle, the State Controller (who gets 20% of the vote); and Kate Snow, an entrepreneur (who gets 13% of the vote). It should be noted that Dena Allen and Daniel Doyle are both Heroes crew members.



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