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Secrets and deception

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Secrets and deception
The Haitian asks Claire if she can keep a secret.

Many characters in the Heroes universe hold secrets.

Season One Recurrences


Don't Look Back


  • Brody does not tell anyone the events that happened at the bonfire.
  • Claire pretends not to remember what Brody did to her, and puts his life in danger seeking revenge.
  • Mr. Bennet and the Haitian kidnap and modify the minds of several evolved humans.
  • Hiro and Ando cheat in a Las Vegas casino


  • Miss Sakamoto reveals that Nathan and Niki's rendezvous was to obtain blackmail material.

Better Halves

  • Hank and Lisa pose as Claire's biological parents, at Mr. Bennet's request.
  • The reason D.L. Hawkins was sentenced to prison was for crimes Niki committed.

Nothing to Hide

  • Matt overhears that his wife Janice is having an affair.
  • Micah keeps his powers of technopathy secret from his dad.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

  • Mohinder learns that his mother and father were keeping the fact he has a deceased sister hidden from him.


  • Nathan destroys a painting that reveals Peter's future, to protect him.
  • Mr. Bennet grounds Claire from the Homecoming game, keeping his true motives hidden.
  • Sylar mistakes Jackie as an evolved human, for her lies about rescuing a man.

Six Months Ago

  • Nathan keeps his first flight, during his car accident, a secret.
  • Sylar lies to Brian Davis to lure him to his shop. He then steals his powers and lies to Chandra about how he obtained them.


  • Mr. Bennet reveals to Claire that he has known about her powers.
  • The Haitian asks Claire to keep an important secret from Mr. Bennet.


  • Claire lies to her father, saying she doesn't remember anything from Homecoming night.
  • Nathan implores Hiro to keep his power of flight a secret.
  • Mr. Bennet lies to Matt and the FBI that he is not holding Sylar prisoner.
  • Matt tells Janice that he has been keeping a secret for awhile now; he finally tells her the truth.
  • Claude lives a life of thievery and deception as an invisible man.

The Fix

  • Hiro and Ando are unaware of their captors' motives.
  • Niki keeps the details of her split personality a secret from Dr. Witherson.
  • Peter implores Claude to tell him the secrets of his powers.
  • Matt deceives his captains and doesn't tell them what really happened at Primatech.
  • Zach and Claire lie to Mr. Bennet about a manatee-related project.
  • Micah tells his father that he has a secret, just like his parents.


  • Meredith does not tell Claire the identity of her biological father.
  • Sylar tells numerous lies about his ersatz employment at Primatech Paper Co.
  • Aron Malsky does not tell Niki the details of her exoneration.


  • Jessica impersonates Niki.
  • Sylar impersonates Zane.
  • Hope cons Hiro and Ando.
  • Claire secretly listens outside Meredith's window to her biological parents' conversation.
  • Matt does not tell anyone that he knows the location of the diamonds.
  • Meredith tells Claire that Nathan only gave her $50 000.


  • Matt tries to keep the truth about the diamonds a secret from his wife.
  • Claude does not tell Peter the reason he distrusts others until being attacked by Mr. Bennet and the Haitian.
  • Sylar continues to steal Zane's identity.
  • Mr. Bennet keeps the true reason for his wife's illness secret.
  • Isaac keeps his mark a secret from Peter.

Company Man

  • Mr. Bennet keeps his professional life a secret for fifteen years.
  • Mr. Bennet thinks about a fake safe in the bedroom, knowing Matt would overhear, as a distraction so he could get the gun hidden in his fireplace.
  • Mr. Bennet secretly communicates with Matt and through thoughts, they lie to Ted.
  • Mr. Bennet and Matt trick Ted into thinking that Matt killed Claire in order to save Mrs. Bennet's life.
  • Claire's power manifestation is kept secret from the Company.
  • Claude allegedly abets an evolved human in secret.
  • Claire, the Haitian, and Mr. Bennet go to great lengths to trick Thompson and the Company so that Claire can escape them.
  • Mr. Bennet learns that the Haitian was not truly mute and hid his ability to speak from him.


  • Thompson has Matt read Mr. Bennet's thoughts behind a one-way mirror.
  • Nathan secretly continues his quest to investigate Linderman.
  • Sandra pretends to have forgotten about Claire.
  • The Haitian gives Claire a fake passport to sneak her undetected out of Texas.
  • Candice creates an illusion to cover-up Simone's death.
  • Ando dresses as a security guard in order to protect Hiro.
  • Sylar pretends to still be under Mohinder's control until after he is shot at.
  • Candice creates an illusion to get Mr. Bennet to admit his secret quest against the Company.
  • The Haitian has secretly been working with Angela Petrelli, who knew about Claire being Nathan's daughter.


  • Candice is instructed by Thompson to disguise herself as Claire to fool Mr. Bennet.
  • Mr. Linderman tells Nathan that he shields and hides his art and artifacts from a greedy and dangerous world.
  • Matt, guided by Bennet, secretly tries to escape and sneaks around Primatech.
  • Angela tells Claire that she kept Claire's existence a secret, from Peter and everyone else.
  • Isaac says "Never mind" when the courier fanboy asks him what he meant when he said that the comic was the last one.
  • Ted planned on leaving Bennet behind but Matt convinced him otherwise.
  • Angela tells Nathan that they should hide Peter's body until after the election.
  • Bennet wasn't aware that Linderman is his boss.
  • Candice uses her power to pose as Jessica to fool Micah.

Five Years Gone

  • Mr. Bennet turned in D.L. and Candice as potentially dangerous evolved humans.
  • Sylar killed Candice and used her power of illusion to impersonate Nathan Petrelli as president.
  • Sylar, under the guise of Nathan, and Mohinder hide that Nathan is an evolved human.
  • Bennet hides Hana, the Crane family, and Claire.
  • Matt thinks that Hiro is hiding something.
  • Instead of telling Future Hiro and Ando where Peter Petrelli is, Niki sends them to Bennet.
  • Claire tells her father that he brought her back to Midland only after her mother left.
  • Claire has been hiding for five years and works in Burnt Toast Diner, going by the name "Sandra".
  • Bennet reveals Future Hiro and Ando's location to Matt.
  • Future Hiro doesn't tell Ando that he died long ago.
  • After finding Hana lying dead on the floor, Bennet realizes that Matt has double-crossed him.
  • Matt kills Bennet after he learns of Claire's location from hearing his thoughts.
  • Nathan plans on lying by announcing that Mohinder developed a treatment to go against evolved humans.
  • Peter tells Niki that Nathan lied and told everyone that Sylar exploded to protect his brother.
  • Matt, accompanied by his team, waits to fire at whomever arrives in the elevator, but angrily realizes that they were fooled when they discover that elevator is empty.
  • Instead of injecting Hiro with a lethal injection, Mohinder injects the Haitian.
  • Both Peter and Sylar hide the fact that it was Peter who blew up New York, not Sylar.
  • Sylar tells Peter that when he killed Nathan, he had already turned against his own kind.

The Hard Part

  • When Sylar phones Mohinder for help, Mohinder dials 911 instead.
  • Mr. Bennet tells Matt that they need to act secretly to protect their loved ones.
  • D.L. plans on abandoning Niki/Jessica and taking Micah with him.
  • Candice uses her power of illusion to pose as Micah's mother and fool him.
  • Hiro and Ando continuously hide and move secretly to avoid being noticed by Sylar.
  • Hiro and Ando quickly deceive Sylar by teleporting away.
  • D.L. and Jessica learn that Linderman has been tracking their entire lives.
  • Instead of listening to Peter by phoning the FBI, Nathan secretly phones Mr. Linderman to inform them of Ted.
  • Micah secretly attempts to escape from the facility he is being held in. He gets lost in Candice's illusion.
  • Sylar tells his mother that there are many things she doesn't know about him.
  • Ando hides the drawing of dead body from Hiro until later.


How to Stop an Exploding Man

  • Bennet and Mohinder hide Thompson's dead body.
  • Candice uses an illusion to pose as Jessica and tries to fool Niki into believing Micah is dead.

Season Two Recurrences

Four Months Later...


  • Ricky has Peter's belongings in a box, and will not give it to Peter until he does a favor.
  • Mohinder heals the Haitian and allows him to escape to meet with Noah later.


  • Mohinder catches a glimpse of a painting while Bob is on the telephone.

The Kindness of Strangers

  • Noah is told he has to go to Ukraine to find another painting, and has to make up a story to tell his family.

The Line

Four Months Ago...

  • Bob and Elle keep Peter locked up under the premise of helping him get a cure for his abilities.
  • Angela tells Heidi that the Petrelli family has a dark secret, after Nathan tells her everything about his powers. Angela tells her the Petrelli family has a "dark secret" of genetic mental illness.
  • Adam withholds some information from Peter as to why he is being held by the Company.
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Season Three Recurrences

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A Clear and Present Danger

Building 26

Cold Snap

Into Asylum

  • Danko recruits Sylar, an evolved human and one of the main targets, to help him hunt others.
  • Having acquired the ability of shape shifting, Sylar leads everyone (except Danko) to believe he is dead.

Turn and Face the Strange


I Am Sylar

An Invisible Thread

Season Four Recurrences

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  • Edgar asks Samuel if what he had said at his brother's funeral about finding redemption was true. Samuel tells him that he left out a part about revenge.

Jump, Push, Fall


  • Samuel lies to Peter and makes him think that he was a victim on a bus crash.
  • Sylar tricks Matt into thinking that a drug dealer had killed a child.
  • Claire tries to deny her ability from Gretchen. Later, when she allows Gretchen to cut her hand, she pretends that it hurts.

Graphic Novel Recurrences

Recurring Themes edit

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