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The Quarry

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The Quarry
The Quarry.jpg
Location: Big Hills, CA
Purpose: To recreate the abilities of evos in others

After leaving Primatech, Trevor Mason built the Quarry as a place where evos could be safe. However, the Quarry became a place Mason would detain people (often children and orphans) where he would inject them with the Gemini Formula, trying to replicate the abilities of other evos. Despite being what Mason calls "one of the most secure facilities on the planet" and believing that "nothing could possibly bring it down", the Quarry is burned and destroyed in 2008, and is seemingly abandoned from that point on.

Notable Employees

Notable Residents


Heroes Reborn: Enigma

In 2008, Cassandra and Dahlia are held captive at the Quarry. Trevor Mason injects Dahlia with the Gemini Formula, which gives her the space-time manipulation abilities, in addition to her own telekinesis. Mason puts Dahlia through several different training exercises in various chambers in the Quarry in order to test her abilities and push them past their limits. While time traveling to 2014, Dahlia learns that the Quarry has suffered some serious devastation and has been abandoned. Dahlia hides the Gemini Formula from 2008 in the Quarry in 2014, then escapes with an older Cassandra, her sister. During her escape, the Quarry is destroyed, leaving it in the state Dahlia witnesses it in 2014.

Gemini: Heroes Reborn

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  • According to Alex Woodward, the Quarry used to be a Department of Agriculture office before it was bought by Renautas. (Gemini)
  • The Quarry has vending machines that sell sodas called Dr. Perk, Whiplash, and CarbCola. (Gemini)


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