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Becky Taylor

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Becky Taylor
Rebecca Taylor.jpg
Portrayed by Tessa Thompson,
Zoe Bolden (at age five)
First appearance Hysterical Blindness
In-story stats
Known ability Invisibility
Formal name Rebecca Taylor
Home Arlington, VA
Residence formerly the Taylors' home
Occupation Student and pledgemaster at Arlington University
Parent Mr. Taylor (deceased)

Rebecca "Becky" Taylor is Claire's sorority pledge master and a member of the Carnival. She is an evolved human with the ability to become invisible. She is also somewhat mentally unstable since the death of her father when she was five. Becky was sent to kill Tracy Strauss, who froze her, and her fate is unknown.

Character History

Hysterical Blindness

Becky approaches Claire and invites her to join her sorority. She uses the fact that Claire's mother was in the same sorority to coerce Claire, and Claire decides to go along, accompanied by Gretchen. Claire and Gretchen arrive late at the introduction by Becky and take part in a "speed dating" activity. Becky soon introduces Claire to another ex-cheerleader, Kara Hayback. At the carnival, Becky approaches Samuel and tells him that she has been using her ability to alienate Claire and has successfully fooled her into believing that Annie killed herself, when it was really her who pushed her off the window.

Strange Attractors

Becky breaks into Claire and Gretchen's dorm room with two other members of the sorority. Claire briefly fights against Becky and the others, as their faces are covered. Becky then reveals herself to Claire and states that they are there to kidnap them for their initiation. Rebecca and the others put the girls in a trunk and go to an old slaughterhouse where Becky releases them alongside two other pledges. She tells the group that the first two-girl-team to complete a scavenger hunt will get to sit out of the slaughterhouse. Becky then follows Claire and Gretchen invisibly and ends up throwing a heave hook and chain at them. Both girls are unharmed however.

Gretchen and Claire then team up with Olivia and Ashley but soon separate again. As Claire and Gretchen are alone in one room, Becky attacks Gretchen. When Claire attempts to help, Becky shoves her onto a metal pole. Claire then attacks the invisible Becky with a hook, disrupting Becky's ability. As she becomes visible, the other girls arrive in the room. Becky runs past them, turning invisible.


Claire and Gretchen try desperately to find Becky after her departure from the slaughterhouse. They wonder why she is trying to kill Gretchen and go to see if any of the other girls know anything but they discover that their memories of Becky's disappearance have been erased by René, the Haitian. Claire soon finds that Gretchen is leaving because she is afraid that Becky will kill her.

Noah searches Becky's room and finds a compass. He claims that he does not want to hurt Becky and she becomes visible, saying that she does not believe him. Becky explains that when she was five, Noah came to her house and murdered her father. She says that her father hid her under her bed and that while they were fighting, she wished with all her might that she would not be found. She becomes angry and says that her wish triggered her ability and that she has spent all her life wondering why she wanted to save herself instead of her father. Noah tries to apologize but Becky says that she is going to take away the thing he loves most, Claire. When two other sorority sisters enter the room, Becky once again disappears.

Noah and Claire soon take Samuel away into a car and Becky, while invisible, attacks them in order to protect Samuel. Strangely, Samuel picks up Noah's taser and shoots Becky. He tries to take her away but Noah raises his gun on them, telling them to stop. Claire lets them leave peacefully. Later, at the carnival, Becky apologizes for messing things up but Samuel reassures her that Claire is exactly where they want her and that she will still have her revenge on Noah Bennet.


Claire explains to her mother about Becky and later is reassured by Gretchen that no one has tried to kill her (referring to Becky's previous attempt on her life). Later, as Claire and Gretchen decide to travel to the carnival, Claire warns her that Becky may be waiting.

The Fifth Stage

Claire asks Gretchen if she is sure about going into the carnival in case Becky is there and Gretchen says that she is.

Let It Bleed

Becky's name is on Edgar's list, which says she has the power of invisibility.

The Art of Deception

Becky's photograph appears on Lauren's screen as she searches the database for carnival employees.

Graphic Novel:Reaching Out, Part 1

At a specials training facility, an invisible Becky approaches Tracy Strauss as Eli distracts her. Still invisible, Becky raises a knife, aimed at Tracy.

Graphic Novel:Reaching Out, Part 2

Just before Becky attacks Tracy, another facility trainee uses his ability to force Becky back and cause her to reappear. As Becky holds her head in pain, she apologizes to her uncle and quickly becomes invisible once more and flees. Eli reveals that they brought Becky to the training facility in order to kill Tracy.

Later, after Tracy disposes of the Eli clones, she remembers about Becky and uses her ability and freezes the entire hallway, including Becky, who was seconds away from attacking a clueless Ricky. Becky is frozen in mid-air with her knife in tow.

Evolved Human Abilities

Becky has the ability to turn invisible. She used this ability to kill Annie by pushing her out of an open window, as well as sneak around Claire's room undetected. She was also able to extend her ability to objects she holds.

If taken by surprise, her ability could be disrupted. (Strange Attractors, Reaching Out, Part 2)

Memorable Quotes

"Honestly, it feels like all I do is push."

- Rebecca (to Samuel) (Hysterical Blindness)

"Jeez, Claire, you don't have to go all Buffy on us. We're just kidnapping you."

- Rebecca (to Claire) (Strange Attractors)


  • Rebecca calls Samuel Sullivan uncle, but Samuel later confirms that this is not literal. Samuel's brother is Joseph Sullivan, but Rebecca's father was shown to have been killed by Noah when she was five.
  • Her father's death and her thirst for revenge has left her mentally unstable; this is something even Samuel admits to.

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