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Episode:Strange Attractors

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Strange Attractors
Season: Four
Episode number: 406
First aired: October 26, 2009
Strange Attractors.jpg
Written by: Carlos Coto
Directed by: Tucker Gates
Previous episode: Tabula Rasa
Next episode: Once Upon a Time in Texas
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Story Development

Gail Bowman · Jennie Bowman


Sylar takes a bite out of an apple, which is commonly misconceived to be forbidden fruit.

In Los Angeles, Matt has a nightmare that he and Janice are in the living room making love when Matt transforms into Sylar. However, when he wakes up, he realizes it isn't a dream. The image of Sylar is there and comments about how he likes forbidden fruit.

In Cainan, GA, Jeremy is taken into custody at a police station. Jeremy glares at Noah, who is watching from outside the room. Noah talks to the sheriff and says it isn't right. The sheriff doesn't believe that Jeremy's parents died because of carbon monoxide poisoning, and he has a reputation for trouble. Jeremy isn't going anywhere until the sheriff fully investigates the matter, and he won't release Jeremy to Noah in any case. Noah calls someone and says he needs their help.

Tracy arrives in Cainan and meets Noah. She notes that she thought he was done with bag and tag missions, but Noah explains he's conducting a rescue and explains how Jeremy's power works. He also tells her that he's set it up so that it appears that Tracy is his aunt so she can sign him out. Tracy reluctantly agrees and she goes inside while the police offices watch the exchange suspiciously.

At Arlington University, it's the middle of the night and Claire asks if Gretchen is awake. Gretchen wonders if she's worried that she's going to kiss-attack her in her sleep. Claire wants to talk about it and Gretchen apologizes. Claire says it wasn't so bad and explains she doesn't want to mess up her normal life, and doesn't want to put their friendship at risk. Three black-clad figures burst in and Claire briefly fights back until Rebecca announces who they are and says that they're to kidnap them for their initiation.

The sorority sisters dump the two girls in a trunk, leaving them hooded. Gretchen is happy to be tied in up in close proximity with Claire. They discuss their relationship and Claire admits that she doesn't know what her feelings are. Rebecca gets them out, rehoods and takes them into an old slaughterhouse with two other hooded applicants, Ashley and Olivia. She explains that they're on a scavenger hunt and the two-girl team that wins gets to sit out Hell Week.

Tracy goes in to talk to Jeremy and explains what's happening. He notes that Noah said he'd be free, but says that they're not like others.

Sylar continues to taunt Matt, saying that he can give Janice what Matt can't. When Matt throws himself at his tormentor, he slams into a wall, unable to touch the mental projection.

As they explore, Gretchen finds a puzzle referring to "when we were found". Ashley impetuously opens a locker and is sprayed with blood. Claire looks at them and then says to open the one marked 24, for the year the sorority was founded. Inside are two bottles of water. Ashley tries to take both of them but Claire says they need to be divided evenly.

Tracy tells Jeremy of how she killed someone when her power first manifested. As she explains, she demonstrates her power, and says that she gave in to her emotions just like he did. As he bursts into tears, she says they're not like others. Meanwhile, Noah talks to the sheriff, who refuses to let Jeremy go. The sheriff shows him Jeremy's diary, which talks about death, and relates the rumors that Jeremy kills animals. He tells Noah that Jeremy isn't going anywhere.

Jeremy's journal is in the possession of the police.

Afterward, Tracy calls her friend Dennis to ask for a favor and get Jeremy released. Once she finishes the call, she discovers Samuel standing on the street corner. He introduces himself and asks what will she do after saving Jeremy's life. Samuel asks if she'll take him somewhere to live. He gestures and the carnival appears around them, and Samuel says it's a place where Jeremy belongs. He assures Tracy she's safe there.

Claire and the others get to the main floor of the slaughterhouse and the other team goes off on their own. Gretchen and Claire go down a flight of stairs, unaware that the invisible Rebecca is following them. As they explore, Claire asks how long Gretchen has known that she likes girls, and admits that she's jealous her friend has figured herself out. Gretchen says she's had more boyfriends than girlfriends, and wonders if Claire is a virgin. She realizes that Claire is and comments that they're strange attractors: particles that end up together even though they don't belong together, but are super powerful when they meet. Claire notices a shadow and tells Gretchen to slow down. Someone throws a heavy chain and hook at them. Claire shoves Gretchen out of the way, and warns that it may not be a game.

Samuel shows Tracy around the carnival and describes how it feels to tap into something greater than one's self. He talks about how they're all connected and the energy binding them gets stronger, and Jeremy should be there. When Tracy objects, Samuel says that Jeremy can work miracles and shouldn't be invisible. He invites her to join them as well and she angrily tells him that it's enough. He gives her a compass to find her way back if she wants and calls Lydia over to take Tracy home. As she goes, Sylar sees her and says that he recognizes her. Samuel tells him that those are someone else's memories, but Sylar wants to know where his real self is.

Matt is packing to go when Janice comes in and asks what he's doing. He explains that it's not safe for her and Matt Jr. because someone can control him. Matt tells her he did something wrong and pushed one person's memories into another man. Sylar objects and Matt snaps at him, and then asks Janice to trust him. He insists he needs to go and find some way to resolve the issue, and Janice offers to let Matt stay while she takes Matt Jr. somewhere. He tells her to avoid telling him where she's going so Sylar won't gain the information. Once she's gone, Sylar admits that Matt is smart, but he still doesn't have a way to get rid of Sylar. Matt tries to call Mohinder but doesn't get an answer. As Matt drinks a beer, Sylar advises him to just accept the situation and get his body back. As Matt talks, Sylar starts to wince in pain and Matt thinks it's connected to his drinking. He dares Sylar to control him and stop him from drinking the beer. Believing he's found a weapon, Matt starts drinking heavily as Sylar groans in pain.

Matt gets drunk, thinking that he is drowning out Sylar.

Tracy returns to the sheriff's office where Noah tells her that her man made all the arrangements and they're releasing Jeremy. They go in and Jeremy wonders who he's going to live with, and Noah explains that he'll live near him in DC under a new identity. He promises Jeremy that Tracy will help him master his ability, but Jeremy wonders what happens if something goes wrong. Tracy tells him that he'll be safe and invisible.

Gretchen wonders if Claire thinks the sorority is trying to kill them, and observes there was no one there to shove the chain. Claire assures her there are dozens of people with abilities that could have done it, and figures that Gretchen is the target. She reminds Gretchen that Annie was killed and Gretchen reluctantly accepts what she's saying. They hear a metallic rumbling noise and then Ashley and Olivia run in. They have a clue but don't want to turn it over, and Claire tells them she doesn't care as long as they get out. The other girls reluctantly agree and lead the way.

Noah and Tracy take Jeremy out through the station. Townspeople are gathered outside to protest Jeremy's release. One man approaches him and Jeremy touches his chest. The man collapses and Noah begs Jeremy to save him. The sheriff orders Jeremy back inside and he goes, ignoring Noah. Inside, Noah and Tracy try to warn the sheriff he's in over his head, but he refuses to let them talk to Jeremy.

The sheriff's man, Deputy Gill, takes Jeremy out back and chains him to a truck, and prepares to drag him to his death. He dares Jeremy to take his best shot and Jeremy considers touching him, and then drops his hands. Gill tells him he doesn't belong there and orders the men to drag him away.

Matt continues drinking as Sylar weakens. He explains he bought his current bottle with Janice and says that Sylar is just a figment of his imagination. Sylar accuses Janice of hating Matt and how she commented that Matt should be more like Sylar when they were making love. Matt tells him they'll have a beautiful life together once Sylar is gone, and Sylar asks Matt why he can't accept his power. As Sylar passes out and starts to fade away, Matt yells in triumph as Janice comes in with Matt's partner Mike. He tells her he did it and then passes out.

The four girls come to two doors. One says Prep Room and the other says Kill House. Ashley and Olivia choose the more ominous-sounding Kill House and Gretchen and Claire go through the Prep Room door to check it out. They find a teddy bear prize hanging on a hook. Gretchen tells Claire that she understands now and is willing to give her space. Suddenly a strap wraps around Gretchen's neck. When Claire tries to free her, she's shoved away. Claire grabs a pole and breaks the strap, and then looks around. The invisible Rebecca attacks her, shoving her onto a metal spike. Claire grabs a hook and hits her in the shoulder, disrupting her concentration and turning her visible. The other girls arrive and Rebecca runs past them, turning invisible to make her escape. They see Claire impaled and watch in horror as Gretchen pulls her free and her wound heals. Gretchen wonders what they're going to do.

Tracy mourns Jeremy.

Noah and Tracy are driving through Cainan when they find Jeremy's corpse lying in the street. Noah tries to assure Tracy they couldn't save him but she says Jeremy needed a real home. She goes back to her car and Noah apologizes, admitting that he thought he could manage it. Tracy points out that they both let Jeremy down, and wonders if they have to remain invisible while living out in the open. He admits that he doesn't think they can do it after today, and she tells him not to call her again. As Noah walks away, Tracy takes out the compass that Samuel gave her.

Matt recovers consciousness and Mike gives him an AA chip and says he has to start over from the beginning. Matt thanks both of them and goes to take a shower, but it's Sylar, in Matt's body. He boasts to Matt, now a mental projection, that he's taken control and there's nothing Matt can do to stop him.

Samuel walks down the streets of Cainan to the sheriff's office. He stares down at the blood stain left by Jeremy. He then concentrates and uses his power to bring down the entire building, and then turns and walks away.

Memorable Quotes

"Forbidden fruit. My favorite kind."

- Sylar

"I can get a latte here, no problem, right?"

"I saw a cow about a mile back. Get some espresso; we're in business."

- Tracy, Noah

"Are you afraid I'm gonna kiss-attack you in your sleep?"


- Gretchen, Claire

"Jeez, Claire, you don't have to go all Buffy on us. We're just kidnapping you."

- Rebecca

"You can't control me. You've never been able to do that."

"Well, I had a compelling reason. Let's face it, your wife is kinda hot."


"That is the second Parkman I've made scream today."

- Matt, Sylar

""I feel the darkness surrounding me. I am the bringer of death.""

"He's 17 years old. Half the songs in his iPod sound just like that."

- Deputy Gill, Noah

Character Appearances


  • Claire explains to Gretchen that Gretchen is the first real friend that she's had since she moved from Texas. This seemed to be a nod to her friendship with Zach, that disintegrated toward the end of Season One.
  • This episode seems to have a Halloween theme.
  • This is the first episode since Exposed to have characters being seen hooded (though the last time anyone was seen being hooded in person was in Trust and Blood).
  • While inside the trunk on their way to the warehouse, Claire is shown to react much more calmly than Gretchen. While she's mostly annoyed, Gretchen is breathing audibly, indicating her nervousness. Claire also reacts much more calmly in the warehouse at the start of the scavenger hunt. The rest are visibly nervous and flinch when they hear the doors close.

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