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Ando supercharges Daphne into time-travel speed.jpg
Ando supercharges Daphne's ability, allowing her to run faster than light.
Held by: Ando Masahashi (synthetic)
Ability to: Amplify abilities and generate energy blasts by projecting a red bolt of electricity
Examples of supercharging

Supercharging (also referred to as "red lightning") is Ando's ability to amplify the abilities of other evolved humans. His ability can also generate a concussive energy blast and be used similar to an electric shock.



Ando injected himself with the formula and appeared to shoot red sparks from his hand. He soon determined that these sparks could greatly amplify the abilities of other evolved humans, such as telepathy and super speed. When Ando touched Matt, Matt's power was increased to the point where he could hear every thought in the city. When Ando used his ability on Daphne, she moved so fast she went a few seconds back in time, long enough to witness the effects of Ando's power on Matt and herself. Daphne and Ando then combined their powers in order to save Hiro, by having Ando super-charge Daphne's powers so as to allow the two to shift themselves sixteen years into the past. (Dual)

Ando's ability has differing effects based on which ability is supercharged. Displayed effects so far include:

It remains unknown whether or not the user of this ability may amplify his or her own ability, and what the effects would be. It is also unclear whether passive, "automatic" abilities such as rapid cell regeneration can be amplified.

Ando can manifest the red sparks at will (A Clear and Present Danger), but has mostly used them for show. His ability to manifest the red energy is improving with time; when he showed it to Janice Parkman, he was able to form a ball of red energy between his hands instead of just sparks (Cold Snap).

Ando recently found that he could use his ability offensively, generating a lightning-like burst of energy capable of knocking out a man in body armor (Cold Snap). His power has a range of at least a few meters when used in this fashion. The full extent of the damage caused by this effect is not yet known. It is also hazardous to other organic matter (Baby Power). In a possible future, Ando supposedly kills Future Hiro with this ability (The Second Coming). Ando was also able to knock out a whole van full of security agents (I Am Sylar).

Ando is also able to use his ability to overload electronic locks on doors, forcing them to open. When accidentally drugged to save Mohinder Suresh, Ando's hands were sparking like they do when he activates his power, although he didn't use them on anything or anybody and seemed to get it under control. He was able to blast open a door with his lightning-burst when performing an escape from a mental hospital. In an attempt to cure Hiro of his scrambled brains, Ando attempts to use this like electro-shock therapy to restore Hiro to normal and although he's afraid of trying due to his future self killing Hiro with this power, Ando attempts it and successfully shocks Hiro back to reality. (Close to You)

When Hiro needs to teleport dozens of people, Ando offers to supercharge him to give him the boost he needs. With Ando's boost, Hiro is easily able to teleport everyone an unknown distance. (Brave New World)

Selected Examples

Memorable Quotes

"He zapped me and I was able to hear thoughts a thousand times louder, right? And then you zapped Daphne and she could travel a thousand times faster. Your power is like a super charger!"

- Matt (to Daphne and Ando) (Dual)

"But my power... is worthless."

"You're a super charger!"

"For other people's power!"

- Ando, Hiro (A Clear and Present Danger)


  • In an interview, writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite explained how Ando's "sidekick juice" ability was chosen because of his role as a "perennial sidekick". They also clarified that in the future, the "red lightning" would have the capability to hurt others, just as Future Ando used it in The Second Coming.
  • The pose Ando strikes when using his ability offensively is highly evocative of the extremely popular animé series "Dragonball", and its various spin-offs, specifically the "Kamehameha" attack, the signature move of the main character, Son Goku.
  • When Rachel Mills, Ando and Hiro teleported from Costa Verde to Florida, Rachel warned Ando not to supercharge her too much so they wouldn't end up in the moon. (Wild Things)
  • In a deleted scene on the Season 3 DVD, Ando considers using his ability to make a plane fly faster, implying that he believed he could supercharge a machine.

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Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Supercharging for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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