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The following fan theories are about Supercharging.

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Theory Citations Notes
If this power is used on the Haitian, his ability will be strong enough to stop all powers within a city, and possibly knocking everyone out. None + Ando was able to allow Matt to hear the thoughts of everyone in the city. If this ability is strong enough to cause him to read everyone's mind in a whole city, it should allow The Haitian to have the same coverage.
If this power was used on Sylar or Peter, they would be unstoppable. Both are very powerful. + If either were to have that ability, the multiple abilities they could amplify would make them extremely powerful.

- Supercharging is temporary.
Sylar is already unstoppable.
Sylar could be stopped by the haitian's ability and then cremated so he couldn't regenerate.

If this ability is used on freezing, it could result in the generation of a temperature of 0ºK, or absolute zero. None + If enough heat was removed from an object, it could become so cold that all subatomic movement would cease.
+ If this ability can make a person with sub-sonic speed move faster than light, it's reasonable to assume that it could amplify freezing by this degree.

- This cannot happen; if all subatomic movement ceased, it would mean that at a given moment in the system, all electrons would have a precisely known position (since they aren't moving) and momentum (zero, again because they aren't moving), a clear violation of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

+ Lots of special abilities break the laws of physics.
+ And this one doesn't. The Uncertainty Principle isn't a law, just an observation. Under those conditions, there would be no need to apply it.
This ability works by increasing the adrenaline in one's system, altering evolved humans' abilities. Paulette stated that "if she used [her] power at 100%, it would kill him". (The Kill Squad, Part 3)
After Sylar injected Meredith with a dosage of adrenaline her power increased uncontrollably. (Dual)
Mohinder stated "a person's abilities lies in their adrenal glands". (The Second Coming)
+ Ando may have very well knocked Hiro out in the future by overdosing his endocrine system. (The Second Coming)

- When Ando uses his power offensively in Cold Snap, it throws the target backwards. If it increased the adrenaline, it would have knocked him out and not thrown him back.

- The force from the projected energy would most likely knock the person back, just like people who get electrocuted.
If Ando's ability augments itself, it can cause a deadly ray. In the exposed future we see Ando killing Hiro, with a red beam. + If it's in fact the same ability we see, in the present and in the future, then we see the ability in the future augmenting anything. This could create some kind of malfunction, causing the ability to be lethal.
+ The ability is in fact very powerful. It is powerful enough to make Daphne run through time. (Dual)
If Ando amplifies an ability too much it could be possible for that person to overload and die or collapse from the overwhelming feel of their ability, e.g., Matt's telepathy being amplified too much could cause him to have a brain hemorrhage.

- We do not know if Future Hiro was killed by Future Ando. Perhaps he was helping Hiro in some way.
- The Rule of Ted does sometimes apply to beneficial effects of some abilities. So Ando could be unable to augment his own power.
+ Ando has his hand on his arm when he kills Future Hiro.

- Ando blasted a ray from one hand in Baby Power.

It is unclear whether or not Ando's ability is always supercharging itself or if the version we've seen is merely a weakened version.

There's has been no indication that Ando is or isn't immune to his own ability.

+ Ando has been seen using this aspect of his ability. (Cold Snap)

- Only the ray, there's no indication the ray results from the ability affecting itself.

- If Ando continues to develop his power, then he might be able to project a lethal blast without supercharging.

Ando's ability will be the cause of world destruction. None + If Ando supercharges Peter's ability, then he would end up absorbing the abilities of a whole city. And as stated by Mohinder once, Peter is like a sponge; he's not just copying the ability, he's absorbing it. And this super absorption would make him end up like Kirby Plaza again, but this time it's not just the whole city, it's the whole world.
- It's unlikely that there would be enough people with abilities in Peter's vicinity to cause him to explode, if this were to happen.
+ If Peter's ability is amplified, his mimicking range would increase a lot. Matt only touched Hiro for a moment and heard an entire city. If Peter held longer, his range could go beyond that.
- There's nothing yet to indicate that touching Ando longer would amplify an ability more. Perhaps it just makes the amplification last longer.
- He would have to absorb many abilities that can have explosive properties. That many people with that type of ability in one location is not likely.
+ Not necessarily. He would just need too much of something; in this case that would be abilities. Power a light bulb with a nuclear power plant and it goes boom.
- It seems unlikely that Peter absorbing many abilities with non-explosive properties at once would cause him to destroy the world. E.g., if Peter were to absorb the abilities of 1000 people with an ability like lie detection simultaneously, it seems unlikely that Peter would explode and destroy the entire Earth. A lot of damage could occur if he absorbed some more potent abilities, but still unlikely to destroy the world.

+ If Peter were to regain induced radioactivity from someone and mimic Ando's ability to amplify it, then that in itself would probably be enough to create an explosion big enough to split the world in two.

+ If Peter did not even mimic Ando's ability and Ando simply used his ability on Peter while he used induced radioactivity, that in itself could be enough to do this.
- Peter no longer has induced radioactivity. Neither does Sylar, although this does not rule out either of them encountering somebody who does.
- Magnifying the power that was, at full force, able to destroy a city a thousandfold would not come anywhere near to destroying a planet, if as Matt Parkman says, the magnification is something to the tune of thousands.
- The amplification was almost certainly more than just to the tune of thousands. The speed of light is about 300 million metres per second, yet Daphne supposedly reached this; if the magnitude is to the millions instead, the number becomes easier to swallow (it suggests Daphne can reach about 650mph under her own duress without difficulty, as opposed to 650,000mph). Similarly, although Matt spoke of Ando amping his power by a thousand, he also spoke of hearing the thoughts of everyone in New York city - which naturally has several million inhabitants. The "thousands" bit was, in all likelihood, just a figure of speech. In which case, enhancing a nuclear explosion to the tune of millions is plausible.

+ Amplifying Sparrow Redhouse's ability might be what would have ripped the planet apart.

If this power were used on space-time manipulation, it would give a person the ability to travel to alternate time lines, parallel universes, or teleport to other planes of existence. None + This could be used to bring Caitlin back, even though the writers would probably not bother doing that.

We will probably never know, as the writers have conveniently removed all occurrences of space-time manipulation in people with abilities. While it is conceivable that Hiro might at some point find a last surviving vial of the formula serum, the writers probably don't want to give in to the temptations of the dark-side (time-travel) ever again.

+ Peter may have regained all of his abilities that had been absorbed previously through empathic mimicry, including space-time manipulation.
If this power supercharges itself, it will become "ability manipulation", and will allow the user to further amplify, mimic, or remove an evolved human's ability. None + How else will the ability to supercharge be amplified?

It could create a supercharging loop, which could make an interesting plot device.
- It is very likely that this ability cannot be supercharged.

Supercharged rapid cell regeneration can heal wounds to the brain even if it has an object lodged in it. None + It would be a logical effect to expect.

- It is assumed that an object lodged in the correct part of the brain is preventing the power from working altogether, as the brain controls the power. Supercharging a power that isn't working will do nothing.

+ It's possible supercharging makes the ability strong enough to bypass this.
- Giving a dead person steroids does not make their muscles increase in size.
+ We're talking about brain matter, not muscles.
- The same principle applies. After death, the muscles cease to work. After being jabbed in the brain with a pointed object, rapid cell regeneration ceases to work.

- Brain cells never regrow after the birthing process, so it can be doubted that even a cellular regeneration power would heal the brain.

+ Claire has healed some injuries to the brain after lodged objects were removed. (One Giant Leap)

- This would grant certain heroes immortality. It has been reiterated by developers that every hero can die.

Supercharging only works as long as the supercharger remains in contact with the person being supercharged. Therefore, unless Ando had his hand on Claire's shoulder 24/7, she would still be quite mortal.
Supercharged abilities makes a person more resistant to mental manipulation. None + The Haitian had trouble containing Arthur Petrelli because he was too powerful. An evolved human with a supercharged ability is also very powerful.

It should only prevent the power being blocked by mental manipulation. Other manipulation, e.g. memory wiping, would not be prevented.

If this power is used on an evolved human with an ability that they are immune to, the supercharged power will be strong enough to overcome the immunity. None + When Paulette supercharged Brendan Lewis, he was killed by his amplified ability.

Technically, Lewis didn't die; he ceased to be a human being and became vegetation.

If this power is used on Monica Dawson she will be able to copy other people's abilities. None + She can copy difficult to almost impossible things.
- She has only copied actions that humans were capable of doing without using an ability.

- Her ability is adoptive muscle memory, and many abilities have nothing to do with muscles.

+ She might be able to copy the physical based abilities of others like Mohinder, Nathan, Knox, etc...
- Every ability stems from the brain and the adrenal glands.

It has been stated that Monica is only capable of doing what a normal human can do. Now whether or not a supercharge can change that statement to fit the actions of evolved humans is unknown. (The Line)

If ability supercharging is supercharged, it can have an effect similar to non-depowering eclipses. None + It is a logical way to supercharge the ability, causing it to activate dormant abilities in those who possess it, either naturally or synthetically.
Ando's ability will kill him, but will also create enough power to save the world. None + If Ando super-charges himself, his super-charging ability would be stronger. Therefore he can supercharge himself again, making it stronger, and enter a loop that won't stop until he supercharges somebody else.
- It is unlikely that Ando could use the power on himself. The "Rule of Ted" may apply.

+ Hiro and Ando, together, used Hiro's ability to save the world. With Hiro now powerless, it would be Ando, of the two, who has to save the world.

Once Peter mimics Ando's ability, should they supercharge a person together, his/her power would destroy either the world, or this person. None + His/her power could increase to the point at which it will become uncontrollable and endlessly powerful. What other consequences can there be?

- While it has been suggested that the supercharge might kill someone, this theory doesn't work with Claire: if her ability to regenerate was amplified, she obviously wouldn't die, since this would be contradictory with the fact that her regeneration is stronger, nor would she destroy the world, since it doesn't make sense to destroy something by regenerating oneself.

This could be a plot waiting to be explored.

- It would make more sense for the cells to regenerate uncontrollably, in a similar fashion to Brendan Lewis. This could lead to the body growing huge tumors, or excess limbs.

This could also be a plot waiting to be explored. Especially if it happened in the style of The Sorcerer's Apprentice.
If Julien was supercharged he could create thousands of clones within minutes. None + Increased rate of reproduction/cloning is an expected effect.
Over supercharging a person with an ability will temporarily give them an ability different to their own, but still some what related. None Over supercharging?

+ Daphne time travelled while Ando supercharged her.

- Nothing indicates that Daphne was over supercharged.
- Daphne was able to something related to Hiro's ability; it's not the same as having his ability. Edward can launch electricity from his hands, but he doesn't possess electric manipulation.
Maybe Edward is an empathic mimic of a sort, if so, than he can possess more than one ability.
It seems more likely that Daphne temporarily gained light speed.
If Peter took ability supercharging from Ando and the two used their abilities on each other, their strength would be infinite. None + Theoretically, this would cause a continuous amplification stream.

They might release a blast which would destroy the world.

If someone with a power were supercharged they would be capable of another aspect of their main ability. None + Arthur's ability and Linda's ability are still speculated as being related. Perhaps Arthur somehow supercharged himself with an unshown ability, and was able to remove an ability while still keeping the host alive.
- Supercharging was only shown to enhance the effects of the supercharged ability, it's not what the ability is capable of doing, it's about how the evolved human is capable of using a supercharged ability.
Arthur may be capable of power absorption rather than Linda's ability when he is supercharged.
- Not even remotely hinted Arthur was ever supercharged.
If rapid cell regeneration were supercharged, it would temporarily make one's skin impenetrable. None + Regeneration and impenetrable skin both protect their users from physical harm, in different ways.

- Not being harmed and rapidly healing from it are two distinct things.
- Healing faster or better doesn't equal impenetrable skin.

It does if an object cannot penetrate the skin because it is instantaneously expelled and the wound sealed over.
In order to be expelled, an object would have to penetrate the skin, if there is a wound, the skin is not impenetrable.
+ If an object were to pierce super-regenerating skin, it would be expelled the instant it broke even a few cells, so while it wouldn't exactly be impenetrable, it may as well be (just as Hiro cannot stop time, but that may as well be it).
If flight is supercharged, it can allow time-travel. None + As with Daphne, the theory of relativity says if you move faster than light you can time-travel.
- Nothing suggests supercharging flight would result in lightspeed or superior to that.
- The writers are smarter than to use the same argument for this as well.
- Speed isn't the main component of the ability.
+ Nathan flies very fast, with his ability supercharged it's possible he can "fly" through time.
- No reason for it to supercharge speed alone, it can supercharge other aspects of the ability, such as endurance to air friction and pression or improved maneuverability.
- Super speeding to the point of time-travel has a history in comics and TV shows; flight doesn't.
+ In the old Superman movie, he flies around the world really fast and goes back in time.
- Physically, that makes no sense.
Supercharged healing can bring back the dead. None + It's a logical effect to happen.

- Healing, unlike rapid cell regeneration, has previously failed to revive any part of a dead human. It can be assumed that supercharging the power will still have no effect, as the power would only be amplified and not changed. (War Buddies, Part 2 and Part 3)

Supercharged healing can cure the Shanti virus. None + When Molly had the virus, it was in the Company's best interest, and therefore in Linderman's, to have her cured. If Linderman could cure her, he would certainly have done so.
- It would be risky for Linderman to approach the infected Molly, because he could have got infected himself and thus lose his ability, which means that the Company was to find a chemical cure. Even healers cannot heal every ill person in the world, not to mention a Shanti virus pandemia.

+ Linderman was able to cure his mother's cancer. He could possibly cure any virus or infection with amplification. (War Buddies, Part 3)

Viruses and cancer do not affect the body in the same way, they're different kinds of pathologies.
Supercharged healing can rejuvenate people. None This theory suggests that healing can rejuvenate people past their prime physical shape, such as an old person into their 30s, not someone who's still physically growing.

+ Aging is the result of accumulated cell damage, it makes sense for supercharged healing to heal that damage, making people young.
Aging is the result of DNA degradation, lessening the body's ability to reproduce cells correctly, which causes "Guesswork" to happen resulting in imperfect, constantly degenerating cell quality.

+ Supercharged healing might fix that.
Supercharged regenerators are immune to the Shanti virus, and their blood can be used to cure those infected with it. None + It's been shown that the immune system of evolved humans with that ability is affected by the ability, it makes sense for it to become strong to the point of killing the virus if supercharged.
Supercharged sound manipulation has similar effects to gravitational manipulation. None + Sound is a form of mechanical energy; it's vibration. It's conceivable that by supercharging sound manipulation, enough vibration is created to break a spacetime barrier, similar to Daphne time-traveling when her speed is supercharged.
As Ando gets better at using this ability, or if he supercharges himself, he will be able to give out abilites at will. None + When talking about injecting Ando with the formula, it was said that Daphne just wanted to walk and then she could run. Matt just wanted to know what people thought of him, then he could read minds. When he injected himself, Ando wanted to get Hiro's powers back to him. (Dual)
- Ando wanted to time travel so he could rescue Hiro.

- The only known way to give abilities involves altering a person's DNA. Ando's powers do not appear to alter DNA but instead increases what is already there.

Supercharging a multipowered character would only affect said character's core ability. None + An empath can't copy the abilities of another empath because he's only exposed to empathic mimicry, the only ability in their genes.
- While Peter is training with Claude he uses telekiesis which he says he absobed from Sylar.
- While he's only exposed to empathic mimicry, there are more abilities in their genes, Mohinder said himself that Peter's DNA is like a mosaic, changing itself to integrate other abilities. (The Fix)
It's not because of empathic mimicry. Peter could not absorb powers from his future self, because it was his future self.

+ If ability supercharging boosted all of their abilities they clearly would be unstoppable which the writers are attempted to prevent.

- So far, ability supercharging works only as long as there's physical contact between two evolved humans, it has no lasting effect.
Supercharged melting would allow the user to disintegrate matter. None + By disrupting the materials molecular arrangement more severely, it would become gas or completely isolated particles.
Supercharged enhanced memory would allow the user to recall information that they don't even know. None + There aren't many other ways this could be extended.

- It makes no sense for someone to remember something they don't even know. Accessing genetic memory would be a more reasonable effect.
- It's more likely that people with enhanced memory would consume all information (titles, colors, etc.) around them when supercharged.
- Matt Neuenberg died because of his ability.

Supercharged clairvoyance would allow the user to locate people not only in the present, but the past and future as well. Perhaps even in lost alternate timelines. None + Molly Walker's ability does not transcend time as it is.
In a deleted scene, Arthur took Molly's ability and used it to find Claire and Hiro in the past. This implies the ability can find people in different times.
It's possible he might have used it in conjunction with another ability.
Deleted scenes are not regarded as canon. Molly is still listed as having her power.
In the exposed future, future Molly was able to find the present time Peter, proving she can find people from other times if they're in her time.
That was after the Peter from that time was killed. Present time Peter might have "replaced" him, and therefore Molly was able to track him down.

+ It could be used to locate Caitlin, who is lost in time... if the writers care enough.

Supercharged invisibility would be similar to illusion. None + They seem to be similar types of abilities, but Candice's seems more elaborate and powerful.
- It's been stated in the episode commentary for Parasite that Candice's ability is mental based; invisibility must involve altering the behavior of light.
Supercharged clairvoyance would allow the user to not only locate individuals, but also multiple people at once, and possibly even directly interact with them. In The Kindness of Strangers while Molly is looking for Maury Parkman, the camera slowly approaches his front door, implying that Molly is in some form and physically doing the same. + A spirit body being supercharged and becoming physical is a logical effect to happen.
If the ability is further supercharged (if possible), the user may also be able to move across time as well as space, thereby becoming a multi-dimensional being.

- Clairvoyance requires intense concentration. Supercharging an ability makes its possessor lose their concentration from shock. If Molly got supercharged, she wouldn't be able to use her ability.

+ Matt's telepathy requires concentration too, but he still was able to read minds when supercharged.
- Reading minds doesn't require concentration. When his ability manifested, Matt wasn't concentrating.
Supercharged telekinesis would allow the user to manipulate anything, from physical matter, to forces such as gravity and electromagnetism, photon dispersal, and electrical impulses in the brain. In short, almost any ability. Though not Heroes-related, in the movie X-Men: The Last Stand while talking to Jean Grey/Phoenix in the forest camp, Magneto emphasizes that while he can only manipulate metal, she can do anything she wants. This would make a telekinetic almost invincible.

Power alone isn't everything, the telekinetic would also have to have an absurd control of the ability.

Sylar has a massive amount of control.
Way more control Sylar has ever displayed, unless he's holding what he can do really close to the chest.

- Telekinesis allows to move things without touching them, supercharging it would most surely result in disintegrating matter through pushing/pulling them at a speed things cannot take to remain intact (like a shuttle entering the athmosphere).

Supercharging does not affect passive abilities. None + If this ability does affect adreneline, it shouldn't affect passive abilities.
It has not been stated that supercharging affects adrenaline.
It has not been stated whether or not only offensive abilities reside in the adrenaline.

There aren't many passive abilities, perhaps we will never know.

Ando is immune to his ability. None + Rule of Ted implies that some evolved humans are immune to their abilities. Ando's ability must obey this rule as well, because if he could supercharge himself, it would mean ability supercharging amplifying ability supercharging - i.e. an ability affecting itself, which makes no sense.
Supercharged clairvoyance would allow the user to not only locate other individuals but also summon them to the user's present location or allow the user teleportation to the individual's location. None + It seems a logical extension of Molly's ability to not only find someone but to meet them.
- Clairvoyance is about location, not summoning; they're two different things. A more reasonable effect would be locating dead people (which Molly is known not to be able to locate) or locating something other than people, such as objects.
A shot from one of Ando's supercharge bolts would cause Sylar to explode. Sylar has more than a dozen acquired abilities, being hit with a supercharge bolt may cause all those abilities to interact, overload, and explode. + Evolved humans control their abilities worse when supercharged.
- Sylar does not have the ability to explode anymore.
+ Instead, he has the ability to charge electricity. We saw Elle explode in The Butterfly Effect, and that was without supercharging.
If Sylar's ability was supercharged, it would allow him to take the dormant abilities of regular humans. None + Assuming that abilities are gained based on the DNA, then Sylar may be able to "see" these abilities and take them before they manifest.
- Theoretically it's possible, but since non-powered humans can gain abilities with genetic modification formula, this may mean that 'dormant' abilities don't exist by themselves.
- Sylar studies brains, not DNA.

It may be that physical abilities are but acquired skills do not involve DNA. Sylar shifts his DNA after studying the brain to accomodate the newly analyzed ability.

After gaining more control of his ability, Ando can choose to weaken an ability as well as to augment it. He may also be able to change the scope of such abilities intermediately. None + Other abilities have become more advanced as the user gains better control of them or learns how to use different aspects of them; for example Matt's telepathy originally only allowed him to read minds, but could later use it to change other people's perception of the world around them.
If the ability was used on an empath, they'd die. None + In Fallout, Peter passed out because he couldn't handle the number of abilities he had absorbed. If the ability is supercharged, his range could increase, making him absorb more abilities than he can handle.

- If the ability gets stronger, it's possible that its user also becomes more resistent to abilities.
- It's possible Peter passed out because he absorbed many abilities at once; if the amount of abilities was the issue, he'd get progressively worse as he acquired more abilities.

Peter has been to the exposed future, full of evolved humans, and survived.

- Peter passed out because he was fighting the abilities instead of working with them. After he figured out how to work with his abilities he never had that problem again.

If Peter got this ability via his current power, he would be able to supercharge his ability replication to the point where it effectively became empathic mimicry. None + The obvious extention of ability replication is the ability to hold several powers at once and not necessarily through touch.
It is unknown if holders of ability supercharging are immune to their own abilities.
Not every ability can return a special effect when supercharged. Ability supercharging makes powers stronger. + For example, what could happen if a supercharger amplifies mediumship and adoptive muscle memory?
Mediumship could grow to actually calling forth spirits; adoptive muscle memory could learn activities through other senses.
These seem more like examples of ability development: supercharging makes abilities stronger, while development unlocks new tricks.
Supercharging mediumship could result in perceiving the dead in a more accurate manner, or maybe seeing people who have died in a more distant past.
Supercharged rapid cell regeneration results in cloning. None + Claire normally heals by regenerating cells. If this ability were supercharged, she might start regenerating far more cells than she needs, causing the extra cells to form into clones of her.
- It may also result in cancer, if more cells would appear than needed.
+ Rapid cell regeneration likely renders cancer impossible.
- Not really. It would heal any wound or disease, however, it cannot prevent them.
The ability does prevent illnesses, when Claire was powerless because of the eclipse, the doctor said it was like she didn't have an immune system, meaning her ability overrides her immune system.
Exactly. An infection may get into Claire's body, but it would be destroyed by her ability. The latter can't stop illnesses from getting into her body.
A distinction must be made then, between getting an illness and expressing that illness, such as showing symptoms.
The distinction is, growing cells might result in cancer, although the ability will instantly heal it, like when Elle [[Electric
- the ability is not just cells regenerating faster but more accurately otherwise each new cell would be weaker and cause progeria-like aging.

manipulation|blasted]] Sylar in It's Coming.

The growth of cancer cells is related to genes that regulate the cells' metabolism, in order for cancer to happen, genes have to be affected.

+ Her power carries over into her blood. If she were supercharged, it could spread the effect to everything her power exists in in even the slightest degree. That toe she cut off, every drop of blood she's ever shed, every flake of skin, every strand of hair, every clipping of fingernails and toenails, every trace of her DNA anywhere, would have that dormant power awaken and regenerate into a clone of Claire. Claires would burst out of Sylar and Noah. The world would be overrun with Claires.

- Parts of her body would need brain matter to regulate the ability once its been cut off.
That may be the case normally, but when the ability is supercharged, it may be possible for said parts to grow new brains.
Ando's ability is not the ability to supercharge abilities, but the ability to release "blank" energy, or energy to serve any purpose the user wants. None + If the ability was the release of "blank" energy, it would explain the seemingly different natures of the ability, it has been seen acting as ability supercharging, electricity, and concussive beams.
+ It appears to kill Hiro in the alternate future, which indicates that it doesn't just harm normal humans, and can in fact change in nature.
It does harm normal humans. (Cold Snap, I Am Sylar)

- Ando supercharged Matt and Daphne, although he didn't mean to.
- When Ando tried to use his power for the first time, he wanted to time travel.

Ando's power will be used to supercharge Hiro's power causing him to age instantly, avoiding a slow or painful death. Hiro is seen in the future dying from a blast of Ando's "red lightning". + It's been revealed that Hiro is dying. It could be a good possibility that Ando was trying to help Hiro by sparing him from a drawn-out death.
The reason Ando used his ability in the form of the Kamehameha Wave attack from the Dragonball anime series is because of James Kyson Lee auditioning for the Dragonball live-action movie, for the part of the character Yamcha, who can do the attack in the anime. None + Ando does seem quite similar to a Dragonball character, like how Future Hiro is meant to be a "tribute" to the charcter Mirai Trunks, or "Future" Trunks.
- The Dragonball series has nothing to do with Heroes.
+ Neither do Star Wars, X-Men, Batman etc. - this is just a reference.
If enhanced memory is supercharged it's possible to use 100% of the brain. None - Nothing suggests this is possible.

- It's a common misconception that humans only use 10% of their brains. In reality, every part of the brain has a known function.

+ In the Heroes universe, people do use only 10% of the brain, Mohinder said so in the beginning of the series. Abilities stem partially from the use of other parts of the brain.
Mohinder actually says that humans only use 10% of their brain power, quite a difference to only using 10% of the brain. This could make this possible.
Ability supercharging can also be used to make an individual use their ability, whether they want to or not. It's possible that Matt wasn't using his power when Ando accidentally supercharged him, yet when supercharged his ability immediately went into effect. Also, Daphne was standing still when Ando supercharged her by accident, clearly not using her power, yet when she was supercharged she automatically bolted forward at the speed of light. + Brendan Lewis wasn't using his ability when Paulette supercharged him, but after she did he grew into a forest.

+ It has been speculated that supercharging has something to do with adrenaline, which triggers abilities.

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