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The effects of mutation are harmful.

First mentioned: The Butterfly Effect

When Mohinder Suresh first discovers a way to give people abilities, his formula isn't complete. Pinehearst's formula is also incomplete, and the results of both lead to violent mutations of any one injected.


The Second Coming

Mohinder creates his own version of the formula after believing that control of abilities are found in the adrenaline glands. However, his version is incomplete as it lacks the catalyst. He injects himself with the imperfect formula and immediately manifests super strength.

The Butterfly Effect

Mohinder feels more energetic, he has great agility, and feels that he is a new man. But he finds out later that night that scales have grown on his back. This is the beginning of his mutation.

I Am Become Death

In a possible future, Mohinder has mutated to a state beyond being human. He lives in the dark, is reclusive, has odd behaviors, and has developed a new voice.

In the present, Mohinder says into his tape recorder that his hands have a sticky substance on them.

Eris Quod Sum

Mohinder shows Peter his mutated arm.

It's Coming

Arthur and Mohinder inject their test subject with the imperfect formula. Serious growths and swelling can be seen on the test subject and he is terribly uncomfortable. Later that evening, Mohinder states that the test subject's heartbeat rose to 164 beats per minute, and that level has been sustained for two hours. The test subject then begs Mohinder to kill him to end his pain. Mohinder injects the test subject in the neck, which eventually puts him to sleep.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Mohinder's mutation worsens as he carries out an autopsy on his former mutated test subject. Arthur produces a picture of Mohinder in a cocoon. Mohinder automatically assumes that this is a picture of his death. After the eclipse happens, Mohindr is coughing and in pain, he speaks into a tape recorder, and says that something is happening to him, and when he puts down the recorder, a web-like, sticky substance is oozing from his hands. Mohinder is forced by instinct to cocoon himself, as the drawing predicted. When Mohinder awakes, he pushes his way out of the cocoon. Naked and clean from his mutations, he emerges and looks at his reflection in a mirror, relieved.

The Eclipse, Part 2

After the eclipse wnds, Mohinder's ability and mutation come back to his appearance.

Our Father

Scott comments on Mohinder's mutation.


Mohinder Suresh is mutated because his false formula didn't work. He hopes that the new formula is correct and can fix him before he dies. He is about to inject himself with the new formula, when Peter Petrelli stops him. Flint Gordon, Jr. throws Mohinder to the ground, and when Peter and Flint knock over the bucket with the corrected formula, Mohinder's mutation goes away, giving him Enhanced strength.

Webisode:The Recruit, Part 3

As soon as David Sullivan was injected with an uncatalyzed sample of the formula, his imperfect ability manifested, allowing him to move at high speeds, but also making his eyes turn red and causing in him agression. David's voice also changed, degraded to growling.

Memorable Quotes

"I fear what I am becoming."

- Mohinder

"Do not repeat my mistakes."

- Future Mohinder (to Peter)

"Please. Kill me. Please."

- Mohinder's test subject (to Mohinder)

"I need the catalyst; you said you will have it by now! You said you were going to cure me!"

- Mohinder (to Arthur)

"I don't have time, the infection has spread to my lungs. By giving myself abilities, I have signed my own death certificate."

- Mohinder


  • Most people who were exposed to the imperfect formulas died soon after from side effects. Mohinder is one of the exceptions, because his formula was different. However, even Mohinder felt the ill effects of an imperfect formula.

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