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Theory:Alice Shaw

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The following fan theories are about Alice Shaw.

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Alice Shaw is the one who produces the "apocalypse" seen by Hiro. The destruction that starts after Future Ando kills Future Hiro in The Second Coming. + She controls the weather and she is very angry.

+ The new "sister plot" makes not much sense being the penultimate season's episode. It could be a way to finish the season.
+ Alice's ability can be magnified by Ando's ability.

It wasn't Ando who could supercharge Alice. At the moment the planet was destroyed, he was in Tokyo killing Hiro.

- Not even the worst weather can destroy the entire planet.

+ She can go from one place to another. Like a hurricane that never ends.
- An endless hurricane might be able to destroy everything on the planet's surface, not shred it in two.
+ That could easily be artistic expression, symbolising the general destruction of the world, the picture not meant to be take literally.
- The painting was a precognitive one.
- Alice would gain nothing by destroying the world.
+ She could easily lose control of her supercharged powers in rage, i.e. it would be manslaughter.
Neither would Adam Monroe by killing everyone, but he tried to.
- On the contrary, he wanted to create a better world. In the exposed future the entire planet was destroyed.

- The exposed future was full of evolved humans, anyone could destroy the world from anywhere.

+ Events that happen in the exposed future can no longer happen, Daphne and Knox are dead so Future Claire has lost her partners, Mohinder's lizard form has been cured, so maybe "Hurricane Alice" won't happen.

- BTE said the world was destroyed by an earth-controling guy and the "red lightning".

Alice will kill herself. None + She has little control over her ability, if something goes wrong, she may just blast herself with a lightning.
- She might be immune to her ability.
- She is probably immune to her ability as she was not killed in the storm that killed her parents and all nearby.

+ She might be immune to her own weather powers but they can still cause other things to harm her by setting something on fire, or making something fall on her and other similar side effects.

Alice will be rejuvenated and she will forgive Angela. Leona Mills has the power to do it. + Alice's storyline was left in a way she has to be written back in.
- Why would Leona rejuvenate Alice?
- So was Luke's, and he's not been mentioned so far.

+ Luke had marginal relationship with Sylar's father, a story arc that is probably over already, Alice is Angela's sister and a reminder of her greatest mistake yet revealed.
+ Angela has had a dream bringing her towards her sister, for she is of some importance that has not yet been fully disclosed, further dreams might indicate the need to return her what she has lost, many years of her life. The need for redemption and Alice's potential further this observation.

Alice became Adam Monroe's eleventh bride, but had her memories erased later on in her life. None. + Adam survived Coyote Sands destruction due to his ability. He may look for any survivors and find a scared cute girl whom he might become engaged to in the future.
Alice was locked up in Level 5. None + One of the inmates in Level 5 was a woman who resembled Alice and could control the wind.

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